How To Block Facebook On Android

In today’s automated, digital life, everyone is involved in the social media platforms and their extensive use on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Nevertheless, Facebook takes a lot of time for social networking as the primary source.

Undoubtedly, social media is useful to many and facilitates online networking. As with other things, it is natural to have a dark side when it offers benefits. It is also impossible to ignore the dark side as it causes harm to others.

How to Block Facebook on Android

Learning to block Facebook on Android can be done using tools available online. If not, you can follow these steps to block Facebook on Android:

  • Go on your mobile to the settings
  • Select General Settings
  • Move down to Restrictions and click on it.
  • There will be a 4-digit passcode prompted.

Note: If you are accessing this setting for the first time, you may create a passcode or use an earlier created passcode.

For the usage of any website such as Facebook, or to keep away your loved ones from the online website for some reason, you may block Facebook on your Android phone.

Even if you have bought them a phone for their use, you can use some reliable tool and block Facebook on their Android phone to keep away distractions.

It helps stop your family member or you from staying away from Facebook and saves a lot of time.

How to Block Facebook on Android Chrome?

  • Open the Google Play Store and install a reliable app
  • Open the downloaded reliable app
  • Enable in your android phone settings the app and allow the app settings to block websites
  • Tap the ‘+’ green icon and block the first app or website.

Blocking Facebook, the popular social media account on android, is not common. But, many people are compelled to block their Facebook account for a few solid reasons.

A Few Reasons that Prompt Blocking Facebook on Your Android Mobile Phone

Facebook Is Publicly Accessed by Someone

If your profile on Facebook is publicly accessed by someone, it is best to block your Facebook account. Public refers to anyone having a Facebook account. They can see your posts.

It allows everyone, your followers and non-followers, friends, friends of friends, and their entire known circle on Facebook. If one is tagged for a post, the audience expands to include their friends and tagged person.

Besides, each time someone logs into an unknown mobile device or computer, Facebook will send an alert through email or text message.

You may end the session by seeing such information and blocking Facebook on your Android phone. Also, change the password.

Kids Below 13 Years Accessing Facebook

Kids below 13 years should not be allowed to access Facebook, and if you find the kids have internet access for studying or playing, ensure to block them from opening Facebook.

You may block on your android mobile phone the Facebook. 13 years is the set minimum age to keep pre-teens from watching adult content.

The majority of Facebook users are adults and older teens, and under 13 kids are kept away from the social network for their good to avoid the risk of watching inappropriate content.

Kids Spend Much Time on Facebook

It may be to access gaming options that take away their precious time than giving it to do some constructive work or studying.

Young kids must stay active, spend time outdoors, and engage in face-to-face interactions with kids.

Spending time on online activities and Facebook leads to distraction, and they lead to a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in obesity.

Due to frequent visits to social sites causing negative eating, it is best for kids under 13 to stay away from Facebook or block Facebook on their Android phones.

Teenagers or Kids Becoming Victims of Online Threats

Cyberbullying cannot be taken lightly among children of any age. It is devastating, particularly for children ranging from 6-12 years. Children take all the words literally and personally receive criticism at this age.

There is the combination of Facebook content eternalness those pre-teens may be impacted on the usage of harsh words personally and in dealing with images, content, or staying online.

Information Sources Are Not Productive at All Times

Not all the information on Facebook is productive. Educating children and showing them the ways to go around is a must. They should know to handle Facebook and networking sites.

All these reasons mentioned above are solid reasons to block Facebook on android.  They are valuable, and it is a must to protect yourself and your kids from Facebook. The safest way is to block Facebook on android phones.

You can install an app to block all the social media apps or Facebook. Another way is to change the phone’s settings so that Facebook is not accessible from the browser of the Android phone.

Blocking Facebook on Android is done as per one’s necessity. You may block Facebook using built-in parental controls that are on Android phones.

You can do this easily by going to Settings> Parental Controls and turning the feature on. In fact, you can also specify the apps that you wish to block for children.

How to Block Facebook Mobile Browser?

Blocking Facebook mobile browser has no one-size to fit-all answer. The Facebook mobile browsers vary as per your operating system and device. However, to block Facebook on Android:

  • Open the settings menu
  • Click on Applications
  • Click on Facebook
  • Click on Disable
  • Choose Ok

Final Words

You can block Facebook on your android mobile devices and the desktop. Blocking Facebook prevents you from using the site or logging in.

There is no need to block all the social sites; you may block on the Android device only the Facebook app if required. Just click on App Block> Select Facebook, and block it.

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