How To Delete Facebook Activity Log

Are you certain to delete your Facebook Activity?

Facebook has included a bulk delete tool favoring the users who wish to clean up the posts, feed, and photos fast.

On the iOS and Android devices, you may tap on the top left on an avatar and tap the three dots to click on the Activity log.

Next, pick Manage activity and posts to see all that you posted.

If you wish to delete your Facebook activity, the off-Facebook Activity feature is ideal for removing data.

Deleting something from the activity log means it will get deleted from Facebook, and it cannot be restored.

You may move to Archive, and such moved contents are visible only to you.

Can You Disconnect the Past Off-Facebook Activity?

It is possible to disconnect the past off-Facebook activity from the account with a Clear History control in the setting of your off-Facebook activity.

Can you disconnect the past off-Facebook activity

Off-Facebook activity is the activity summary that organizations and businesses share about your interactions with them.

It includes activities such as visiting their websites or app.

They use business tools, such as Facebook Login, to share this information and reach us.

Thus, they give Facebook a personalized experience.

You can disconnect the off-Facebook activity from the account by: (please provide the specific steps or instructions you would like to know)

  • Clicking account off-Facebook in the top right.
  • Click on Settings & Privacy, and click then on Settings.
  • Click in the left column on the Facebook information, and click off-Facebook activity.
  • Click on Clear History and tap on Clear History.
  • You may choose to turn the future off-Facebook activity.

On disconnecting your off-Facebook activity from your account, your off-Facebook activity history alone will get disconnected from the account.

On the other hand, disconnecting history may log you out of the websites and apps.

If this happens, you may use Facebook and log back in.

How To Delete Facebook Activity Log on iPhone & Android

How To Delete Facebook Activity Log on Chrome

What Is ‘i Decided to Delete My Facebook Activity?’

‘I decided to delete my Facebook activity,’ refers to erasing all the individual activities on Facebook. Cleaning up your Facebook account is a task, and if you decide once, just sit and clear it out.

It matters because you need to be very meticulous with your profile on Facebook, which is a liability.

I decided to delete my Facebook activity

The need to clear the Facebook activity is more if you apply for jobs. You do not want your potential employer to see your profile, and accidentally if they see your personal video, you may be put into a consideration list or face jeopardy.

Checking an applicant’s social media accounts has become more of a norm of the corporate background check.

The importance of clearing and deleting unwanted Facebook activity is a must for any executive of high level in case they get into a scandal suddenly.

People will use the profile against you, and if there is any insensitive or inappropriate rant, it may damage your personal and professional life.

These days, the presence of social media may make or break your image. Think before you click or post. Note that screenshots do exist.

Tips on How to Clean up Your Facebook Profile

You can get started, and here is the list of what you can do to delete your Facebook activity:

  • Update your FB profile and cover photo. It is the first thing that people grab attention to in your profile. Ensure to put an updated photo that is of good quality and appropriate. It ensures your profit is active.
  • Fill in the information ‘About Me’. It is an important section containing information about what you like, your earlier work experiences, and where you graduated. It is helpful to potential employers wanting to do a background check. You can always customize your privacy settings with each information piece.
  • Delete, Untag, or change your photo’s visibility. In your profile Photo Section, place all visible public photos. Now the process is simple as Facebook divides the photos into tagged, photos, and albums. As you wish to delete your activity, untag yourself from inappropriate or irrelevant photos and remove them from your profile.
  • Delete questionable, irrelevant content in the timeline that shows your status updates. Facebook also allows hiding and deleting them.
  • Unfollow or Unfriend Facebook friends. It is about streamlining your feed. You may unfollow your Facebook friends, and their posts will not appear.

You can also delete your Facebook activity or posts in a mass by adding them to the bulk delete tool.

You may use the tool by merely selecting on the timeline top on ‘Manage Posts’ and viewing them in the thumbnail form. You may choose to hide, delete or archive the posts selected as you wish.

You may delete the Facebook activity, but Facebook does not clear everything out. It waits for 30 days and then clears permanently from the recycle bin.

It is kept so that you should not be at a loss as a Facebook user if you decide to change your mind.

New apps are designed perfectly to make your profiles look squeaky clean. It is useful for people deciding to delete all their Facebook activity. Basically, such apps do not directly delete all the activity.

It scans contents appearing on the Facebook profile, including other people’s comments on posts or photos. It detects keywords associated with things not required for any potential employer to see and thus keeps Facebook clean.

Final Thought

Disabling some of the notifications for any active user may be essential. These are the notification you receive by default. They are annoying at times, and they also add more time.

Now that you decided to delete the Facebook activity, you can also manage the notifications by pushing the notification to the mobile device. You can do this by going to Settings and choosing Notifications.

Turn off the notifications from tags and comments to updates and reminders from friends.  You can also avoid receiving updates from the earlier groups you were in by going through their pages directly and turning the notifications off.

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