100 Facebook Album Name Ideas for Back to School Nights

The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time for students, parents, and teachers alike. As a parent, Back to School Night offers a special opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, learn about the curriculum and classroom activities, and get to know the school environment.

In this age of social media, many parents also like to post photos from Back to School Night on Facebook to share the experience with friends and family. Coming up with creative and clever Facebook album names can be a fun way to capture the spirit of this event.

This article provides 100 catchy, cute, and cool Facebook album title ideas for Back to School Night photos. From references to school supplies and classrooms to famous book and movie titles, these names range from playful to sentimental.

There are also tips on:

  • Capturing great Back to School Night pictures to upload
  • Organizing and editing your Facebook photo albums
  • Customizing album privacy settings
  • Using relevant hashtags and location tags

So read on for lots of fun ideas to make your Back to School Night photos shine on social media!

Why Post Back to School Photos on Facebook?

Before we dive into name suggestions, here are some reasons why you may want to post Back to School Night pictures on Facebook:

  • Share the experience with friends and family across the country
  • Document memories to look back on each year
  • Spread awareness about your school and community
  • Inspire other parents who see your posts
  • Build connections with other families at your school

Tips for Taking Great Back to School Night Photos

To capture eye-catching photos to upload to Facebook, keep these photography tips in mind:

Focus on key moments

  • Teacher introductions
  • Class announcements
  • Looking at student work displays
  • Mingling with other parents

Capture wide shots

  • Of your child in the classroom
  • Group shots with the teacher, classmates, parents

Get close-ups

  • Of your child at their desk
  • The whiteboard
  • Classroom decorations

Play with lighting

  • Use flash to combat fluorescent lighting
  • Try natural light from windows

Shoot horizontally

  • Works better for Facebook feeds

Ideas for Organizing Your Facebook Album

Once you’ve taken great photos, here are some ideas for organizing your Back to School Night album:

Title: Start with a fun, creative name (see the next 100 suggestions!). Shorter names work best.

Description: Add a few sentences to summarize the event and tag people.

Photos: Arrange photos chronologically or by subject (classroom, teacher, friends).

Captions: Add captions to explain specific photos. Tag people.

Tags: Use relevant tags like #backtoschool and your school/location.

Customizing Your Album Privacy

Consider setting your Back to School Night photo album’s privacy to:

  • Public: Anyone can see it
  • Friends: Only your friends can see it
  • Custom: Choose specific people

This lets you control who views your photos.

100 Creative Facebook Album Names for Back to School Night

Now let’s get to the fun part – 100 catchy, cute, clever, and cool Facebook photo album titles for Back to School Night!

There are references to school supplies, classic books, beloved movies, first day emotions, and more.

School Supply Themed Album Names

  1. Backpack to the Future
  2. Pencil Me In
  3. Straight Outta Crayons
  4. Glue Crew
  5. Trapper Keeper of Secrets

Classroom and School Themed Names

  1. Room Moms Rule!
  2. Mrs. [Teacher’s Last Name]’s Crew
  3. Welcome to the [Grade] Grade Jungle
  4. We Run the School
  5. [School Mascot] Fam

Book References and Quotes

  1. I Got 99 Problems but Reading Ain’t One
  2. The Great Gatsbook
  3. To Kill a Testing Bird
  4. Lord of the Schools
  5. The Scarlet Letter Jacket

Pop Culture Nods

  1. Game of Schools
  2. Orange is the New Snack Time
  3. Dr. Seuss, MD
  4. 50 Shades of School Spirit
  5. Dazed and Confused Parents

First Day Emotions

  1. The Night Before School Nerves
  2. First Day Smiles & Tears
  3. Brave New World
  4. Fear and Loathing in Mrs. Smith’s Class
  5. The Agony and the Ecstasy of 3rd Grade

Fun Alliterations

  1. Marvelous, Magnificent Meet the Teacher
  2. Back to School Night Bliss
  3. Perfectly Precious Preschoolers
  4. Kindergarten Cuties
  5. Terrific Third Grade Talent

Silly and Sweet Ideas

  1. Mommy’s Little Smarty Pants
  2. My Cupcake’s Classroom Adventures
  3. Cutie Patooties’ School Stories
  4. Sweetheart’s Back to School Bash
  5. Darling’s Desk Debut

School Spirit Names

  1. [Mascot] Fam Goes Back to Class
  2. Bleed [School Color] and [Other School Color]
  3. Fear the [Mascot]!
  4. [School Name] Pride is Back
  5. We Are [School Initials]!

Class Clowns

  1. Back to School Night Laughs
  2. Clownin’ Around the Classroom
  3. Funny Bunnies’ First Day
  4. Classroom Comedians
  5. Kindergarten Jokesters

School Supplies

  1. Teach Me with Tech
  2. Straight Outta Gluesticks
  3. Snack Pack Attack
  4. Color Me Impressed
    50.Markers, Marbles and More!

Movie References

  1. The Sandlot Rules Apply Here
  2. Notting Hill District School
  3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Classroom
  4. Star Wars: Return of the Students
  5. Raiders of the Lost Backpacks


  1. The League of Extraordinary Learners
  2. Avengers Assemble to Learn!
  3. Hulk Smart!
  4. Wonder Women of Wall Street
  5. Captain America’s Classroom

Throwback Fun

  1. Saved by the Bell Curve
  2. Fresh Prince of the Schoolyard
  3. Boy Meets World History Class
  4. Full House of Knowledge
  5. Sister Sister School Tour

Music References

  1. S Club 7 Subjects to Study
  2. All the Single Letters
  3. Holla Back to School Ya’ll
  4. Justin Bieber Fiever on Campus
  5. Taylor Swift’s Classroom Jams

Sports and Activities

  1. Friday Night Lights Out by Bedtime
  2. Poetry in Motion on Campus
  3. Straight Outta Compton Composition Books
  4. Locker Room to Learn In
  5. Field of Dreams to Achieve


  1. Jolly Jaunt to Junior’s Classroom
  2. Back to School Bonanza
  3. Kindergarten Kuties
  4. All Aboard the Alphabet Express
  5. Marvelous, Magnificent Meet the Teacher

Creative Academics

  1. Mastering Math
  2. Reading Rockstars
  3. Knowledge Is Power
  4. Creativity Rules Here
  5. Think Outside the Box

Sending Love

  1. Hugs and High Fives
  2. XOXO to My Teacher
  3. Lucky to Learn Here
  4. Caring Is Cool
  5. You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Fun with Words

  1. All I Wanna Do is Zoom a Zoom Zoom
  2. Vowel Movement on Campus
  3. Consonant Party Up in Here
  4. Syllable Celebration
  5. Grammar Jamboree

School Spirit

  1. [Mascot] Fam Back at It!
  2. Bleed [School Color] and [Other School Color]
  3. Fear the [Mascot]!
  4. [School Name] Pride!
  5. We Are [School Initials]!

FAQs About Back to School Night

What is Back to School Night?

Back to School Night is an open house event held at the beginning of the academic year at most schools in the United States. Parents are invited to meet their child’s new teacher and learn about the classroom curriculum and activities planned for the upcoming year. It allows families to get acquainted with the school environment.

When is Back to School Night?

Back to School Nights typically take place 1-2 weeks after the first day of school. The timing allows students to get settled into the new school year before the open house event. Dates vary by district and school – check your school’s calendar.

What happens during Back to School Night?

During Back to School Night, parents follow their child’s schedule, meeting teachers and learning about each subject’s curriculum. There are often introductory presentations about goals for the school year. Teachers highlight what students will learn and expectations. There may also be opportunities to sign up to volunteer.

Who attends Back to School Night?

Back to School Night events are for parents and guardians. Students and siblings generally do not attend since the evening focuses on curriculum overviews for parents rather than full classroom activities. Members of the school’s parent organization often assist.

What should parents do to prepare?

To make the most of Back to School Night, review your child’s schedule and the list of teachers in advance. Think about specific questions you may have around learning goals, homework policies, grading procedures, and how best to support classroom success.

I hope this outline helps you craft an informative article to support parents during Back to School season! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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