Facebook Album Name Ideas For New Baby Arrival

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby! As you welcome this precious new life, you’ll also want to preserve all the beautiful memories you’re making together during this special time. One great way to do that is by creating a Facebook photo album to share pics of your little one with friends and family near and far.

But what to name it? Coming up with a creative yet meaningful Facebook album name can be a fun way to celebrate your newest family member. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are 100 ideas for cute, clever, touching, or just plain fun new baby Facebook album titles, along with a bit about why we love each one.

Tips for Picking the Perfect New Baby Facebook Album Name

Make It Personal: Incorporate your baby’s name, birth details, personality quirks, or other personal touches. This will make the album feel special and unique.

Get Creative: Have fun brainstorming puns, rhymes, song lyrics, movie references, or other creative ways to put your own spin on common baby phrases.

Keep It Positive: Focus on uplifting themes like joy, blessings, dreams, hope, etc. After all, babies bring light and happiness into our lives!

Now, without further ado, here are 100 heartwarming, humorous, clever, and fun ideas you can use as new baby Facebook album names!

General “Welcome Baby” Album Titles

1. Hello World! Welcome to Planet [Baby’s Name]

A cute play on the common computer programming phrase, tailored to your new arrival.

2. A Star is Born! Welcome [Baby’s Name]!

Celebrate your little shining star’s entrance into the world with this album name inspired by the classic Hollywood phrase.

3. Meet [Baby’s Name]: Our Adorable New Addition!

A simple, sweet way to introduce the newest member of your family.

4. New Character Unlocked: [Baby’s Name] Has Entered the Game!

For gaming fan parents, this creative album name frames your baby’s arrival like a brand new player to control and guide through life’s adventures.

5. Major News Bulletin: [Baby’s Name] Has Arrived!

Report your baby’s birth like an exciting news story for all your friends and family to see.

Puns and Playful Album Titles

Get silly by working your new baby’s name into funny puns, cute rhymes, or clever twists on common phrases:

6. Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep

New parents know the struggle is real when it comes to sleepless nights. Share the laughs (and yawns).

7. Mommy Powered, Daddy Approved: Introducing [Baby’s Name]

Show off your awesome teamwork that led to this sweet baby.

8. Special Delivery! One [Baby’s Name], Fresh & New

Cute play on your baby feeling like a precious package straight from heaven.

9. Little Mr/Miss Brand New [Baby’s Name]

Put a fun twist on calling them your little prince or princess.

10. Our New Boss: CEO [Baby’s Name]

Tongue-in-cheek album name indicating who really runs the show now.

Lyrical & Musical Album Names

Incorporate favorite songs, artists, lyrics or musical themes:

11. “[Song Title]” – Now Starring [Baby’s Name]!

Take a line from a favorite tune and customize it to be about your little star.

12. Introducing [Baby’s Name] Records – Debut Album Out Now

Your newborn’s cries sound like beautiful music to you, right? Have fun with this record label concept.

13. [Baby’s Name]’s Greatest Hits: The Early Years

Even though they’re brand new, pretend your babe already has beloved classics and best hits like musical icons do.

14. [Baby’s Name] Unplugged: Lullabies, Cries & First Laughs

The “unplugged” idea frames your baby’s early sounds as a stripped-down yet sweet acoustic album.

15. Now Playing: The [Baby’s Name] Soundtrack

Welcome your little one into the world like a feel-good movie filled with love, snuggles, and their own special brand of baby magic!

Cuteness Overload Album Concepts

When that squishy little face is just too adorable for words, turn to these albums overflowing with cuteness:

16. Can’t Handle the Cuteness: [Baby’s Name]’s Baby Pics

For extra kissable baby photos that make your heart explode.

17. Yay for Baby! [Baby’s Name]’s Debut

Short, sweet, says it all – we’re so happy this baby is here!

18. Baby Snuggles with [Baby’s Name]

Capture all the cozy cuddles you can’t get enough of.

19. Li’l [Baby’s Name]: Pint-Sized Perfection

Celebrate how tiny and absolutely flawless they are as a newborn.

20. It’s a [Boy/Girl]! Welcome [Baby’s Name]!

Quick album name exchange to announce your baby’s gender and name right upfront.

Clever Concepts & First Milestones

Beyond their arrival, incorporate important baby firsts into your album name:

21. Loading…[Baby’s Name]’s First Smile!

Frame that exciting first grin like an amazing image slowly loading.

22. Chaos Theory: [Baby’s Name]’s First Week Earthside

Pay homage to just how crazy yet wonderful that whirlwind first week at home together is.

23. [Baby’s Name]’s Blast Off! First Rocket Ride Home

Equate that unforgettable car seat ride from hospital to home as your baby’s first big travel adventure.

24. Breaking News: [Baby’s Name] Rolls Over!

Report your baby’s big milestones like headline news stories.

25. Stop the Presses: [Baby’s Name] Caught Sitting!

Similar idea to highlight sitting up as an exciting development.

Newborn Photo Shoot Album Names

To show off all those artistic professional pics:

26. [Baby’s Name] by Popular Demand: Newborn Photo Shoot!

Cute spin highlighting everyone’s excitement to meet this special little person.

27. Fresh from Heaven: [Baby’s Name]’s Newborn Pics

Evokes the preciousness of your angelic-looking new arrival.

28. Little Sweetheart: [Baby’s Name]’s Newborn Session

Short and sweet album name for picture perfect valentine-themed pics.

29. Springtime Sweetness: [Baby’s Name] Newborn Photos

If the season’s first flowers bloomed around your due date, this is a fitting album concept tying together new beginnings.

30. [Baby’s Name] Breaks the Internet: Newborn Shoot!

Hashtags, handle with care, fragile objects – we all know a cute baby pic is clickbait for social media likes and comments!

Family & Sibling Album Concepts

Now that there’s a new family member, these names celebrate your growing brood:

31. Family Upgrade: Introducing [Baby’s Name]

Cute name indicating your sweet babe upgrading you to family status.

32. Level Up! It’s a [Boy/Girl] – Welcome [Baby’s Name]

Similar idea but video game-themed – adding a new player levels up the family!

33. Our Squad Grows by 1: Meet [Baby’s Name]!

34. Bonus Level Unlocked: [Baby’s Name] Joins the Family!

Another playful video game reference for the new family member.

35. The Sequel: Introducing [Baby’s Name]

Treats your new baby like an exciting follow-up to the happy family you’ve built so far.

36. Our New Teammate: Baby [Baby’s Name] Has Arrived!

Great album name if you already have multiple kids who will now welcome a new sibling into the fold.

37. Leveling Up Big Brother/Sister Status: Welcome Baby [Baby’s Name]

Cute name framing how older siblings get to advance their roles.

38. [Older Sibling’s Name] Gets a Promotion to Big Brother/Sister!

Similar idea celebrating the proud graduate to big sibling duties.

39. Twice the Love with Baby [Baby’s Name]’s Arrival!

Warm sentiment for twins or second babies about doubling the joy and love in your home.

40. Buy One, Get One Free! Introducing Our Twins: [Baby1’s Name] & [Baby2’s Name]

Playful title for two-for-one twin deals.

Sentimental & Heartfelt Album Names

Go for all the tender emotions with these meaningful titles:

41. All Our Dreams Come True: Baby [Baby’s Name] Is Here!

Pulls at the heartstrings reminding that this baby makes your deepest wishes reality.

42. Life with [Baby’s Name]: Joy Multiplied

A short, beautifully poignant title reflecting your baby exponentially increasing blessings and happiness.

43. Hello Love: Introducing [Baby’s Name]

Sweet and simple album putting the focus on overwhelming love you feel for this darling babe.

44. Our World Made New with [Baby’s Name]

Your baby breathes fresh life and magic into each day.

45. This is [Baby’s Name]: Guaranteed to Make You Smile!

Celebrate how your little bundle is sure to melt hearts.

Religious & Spiritual Album Names

For families with faith, incorporate uplifiting themes:

46. God’s Sweetest Gift: Our Baby [Baby’s Name]

Acknowledges your little one feeling heaven-sent.

47. [Baby’s Name]’s Hello: Abundant Blessings!

Joyful title reflecting this baby showering your days with grace and favor.

48. Heaven’s Newest Angel: Welcome [Baby’s Name]!

Suggests your darling babe’s angelic, innocent beauty.

49. Dream Come True: God Blessed Us with [Baby’s Name]

Another faith-based title conveying this baby as long-awaited answered prayers.

50. Our Little Miracle: Baby [Baby’s Name] is Here!

Wonderfully highlights babies that overcome difficulties or delays as extra special gifts.

New Parents & First-Time Mom or Dad Album Names

For milestone first babies:

51. And Then There Were Three! Welcome [Baby’s Name]

Sweet album name showing your duo becoming an official family.

52. First Edition: Introducing Baby [Baby’s Name]

Creative concept playing off your firstborn being 1 of 1.

53. Newbie Parents & Baby: [Baby’s Name]’s Debut!

Cute, candid title owning up to beginner parenting status.

54. Handle with Care: New Dad Onboard with [Baby’s Name]

Encouraging title for an understandably nervous first-time father.

55. Mommy-in-Training: [Baby’s Name]’s arrival!

Similarly, gives first-time moms permission to still be learning the ropes.

Themes Inspired By the Season of Birth

Customize your album names for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter babies:

56. [Season] Blossom: Introducing [Baby’s Name]!

General weather-related title tailored to whatever’s blooming when your baby is born – flowers in Spring or foliage changing colors in Fall, for example.

57. Hello [Season]! Baby [Baby’s Name] Has Sprung!

Another broad seasonal pattern welcoming your little sprout in whichever month they arrive.

58. It Must be Springtime – [Baby’s Name] is Here!

Connects joy of new life with Spring’s symbolism if baby is born around that season.

59. Warm & Fuzzy: [Baby’s Name]’s Wintry Welcome

Evokes cozy images for winter babies curling up all snuggly with parents.

60. [Baby’s Name]: A Ray of Sunshine!

Bright title fitting babies born in warmer Summer months or generally sunny locales.

Birth Details & Unique Trait Album Names

Make it interesting by calling out specific newborn stats:

61. Special Delivery from [Birth City]: Please Welcome [Baby’s Name]!

Customizes based on whatever town they’re born in.

62. Breaking News: [Baby’s Name] Tips the Scales at [Baby’s Weight]!

Uses their exact recorded birth weight for a “stop the presses” style album.

63. World Premiere: [Baby’s Name], [Baby’s Length Inches Tall] Inches of Cuteness!

Puts their height reveal into a Hollywood movie premiere or red carpet frame.

64. Project Baby [Baby’s Name] Complete! [Birthdate] Launch Successful!

Cute title equating pregnancy and birth to an important tech product launch.

65. Y’all Meet [Baby’s Name]: The South’s Cutest Export!

Fun localized name for Southern families emphasizing that signature regional hospitality and charm.

66. [Baby’s Name], Born to Snuggle

If they love to nap and cuddle up contently, this captures that sweet trait.

67. Redhead Alert! Baby [Baby’s Name] Has Arrived!

Customize for babies born with red hair or other stand-out features at delivery.

Nursery Theme & Hobby Concepts

For baby’s favorites or decor inspiration:

68. Twinkle Twinkle, [Baby’s Name]: Sweet Dreams!

Cute album ideas themed around slumber and starry nursery motifs.

69. Rainbow Bright: [Baby’s Name]’s Colorful Nursery

Upbeat title capturing vibrant decor.

70. Snuggle Central: [Baby’s Name]’s Cozy Nursery Nook

Conveys a warm, soothing nest to relax in.

71. Ocean Adventures with [Baby’s Name]

Nautical theme albums are fun for beach families or navy/aqua palettes.

72. [Baby’s Name]’s Jungle Paradise Nursery

Works nicely for wild jungle creatures, greenery, or adventurous personalities!

73. Sweet Safari Dreams, Little [Baby’s Name]!

Another cute animal print or safari-related room idea.

74. Up, Up, and Away: [Baby’s Name]’s Hot Air Balloon Nursery!

Whimiscal name for playful circus, carnival, or hot air balloon themed spaces.

Geek Chic: Nerdy & Pop Culture Albums

For families that geek out over fandoms, sci-fi, fantasy, or other beloved franchises:

75. New Player Selected: [Baby’s Name] Has Entered the Game of Life!

Video game concept welcome for little gamers-in-training.

76. Level Up! [Baby’s Name] is Here!

More gaming fun – babies advance you to the next stage indeed!

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