Selling Ad Space on Facebook Page

Is it possible to sell ad space on your Facebook page is a common question? The truth is, it is not allowed. You may create a website featuring a forum or a chat room.

But, if you wish to use your site space for others to place their ad and charge them, it is not possible. It is your site on Facebook, and you do not own it and so cannot sell the ad space on someplace that is not your own.

Can Businesses Sell On Their Facebook Page, the Ad Space?

Facebook page admins or businesses can charge an advertising fee or even get a sales percentage from each company to whom they sell the space by tracking it.

However, businesses must handle the project individually as Facebook does not support any such endeavor.

Can Businesses Sell On Their Facebook Page

There is no need for one to be an expert to initiate ads on Facebook. There are people with such skills and tools that ensure self-serve to allow creating and running campaigns.

There are also reports featuring an easy-to-read facility, which allows tracking success. A small business on Facebook can stay connected to worldwide people.

Creating and claiming a business Facebook page costs nothing. A business page may be created without any cost, free of charge. However, you have to bear incremental costs if you wish to go further. While creating your business page is free on Facebook.

3 Ways to Make Money from Facebook Page

  • Create a Facebook store
  • Run sponsored ads that result in sales or leads for your company or product.
  • Drive the traffic to a page & convert the visitors to buyers.
  • Buy ad space from Facebook and use it to promote your page to a larger audience. Although it needs a bit of investment at first, it gives the opportunity to make more money from your page in return later.

How to buy from Facebook Ad Space?

First, consider your bid and budget. Ads are for people you want to show interest in your product or service so that the results are positive.

It is up to you to decide on the budget. You may pay for the actions of your choice. Choose the conversions or impressions.

buy from Facebook Ad Space

Facebook ads earn money. Ads are the driving force of your brand. They inform users of your existence, and for that, you have.

The money can be earned if you possess the required stuff. However, before placing your ad on Facebook, ensure the right audiences are with you.

Advertising on my Facebook Page, is that okay?

Yes, you can advertise and promote an event, boost a post, get leads or encourage people to shop on your website. You can do all these by placing ads on your Facebook page. You must decide from the different ad types available to get the best benefit for your business.

To place an ad on your business page on your Facebook account:

  • Go to the posts section.
  • Choose published posts or ad postings.
  • Click on create and create a new post.
  • Choose the post type you wish to make and fill in the details
  • Choose what you wish to use for an add and post or create only for ad purpose
  • Create by clicking on Create a new post.

Advertising on your Facebook requires you to be a Page admin, or a page admin must assign an editor, advertiser, Page admin, moderator, or jobs manager role so that you advertise for a Facebook page.

Advertisements do not permit the use and sale of recreational or illicit drugs on Facebook. It also does not permit other dangerous products, substances, or supplements, solely determined by Facebook.  Even ammunition, weapons, or explosives are not advertised for use or sale.

On average, businesses pay Facebook for ads, and it costs $0.01 on Facebook to advertise. Selling ad space is the key revenue source for Facebook. Buyers must note that buying from a Facebook ad does not give any assurance as it is not backed by Facebook.

It means you have no or very little recourse in case you do not receive the ordered product. It is your temptation to place an order from a Facebook ad, so buyers stay alert.

Is it possible to make money from a Facebook page?

There are many ways of making profits and money from Facebook pages and groups. There are a few monetization overlaps, yet each app’s behavior determines its revenue activities.

For instance, connecting your page to various third-party tools is possible, while the groups may have a few options.

make money from Facebook page

Ad Spaces help organize ad placements and reflect people’s behavior on seeing in your app an ad. You may create per platform up to four Ad Spaces.

In case you have a Monetization manager set and wish to create an ad space, here are the steps to follow and develop a new ad space:

  • Visit Monetization Manager
  • Search your property using the property ID or name in the search bar. Select Manage property
  • Select the platform you want and create Ad Space by clicking + Create Ad Space.
  • Give an identifiable name to your Ad Space.
  • Include a description so that it appears if your ad is triggered. Try to keep it as detailed as possible. This information helps review the ad and understand the ad experiences in the app. Click on Create Ad Space.

Once you create Ad Space, you can create ad placements. However, you can use it only on Ad space for ad placement, and it should match the platform as the Ad Space.

Promoting your personal Facebook page is in your control. It depends on how you promote your services and products or how you market.

Facebook has mentioned that personal profiles are not allowed to use solely aiming to promote your business. You can use your profile in a creative way and promote your business.

You can promote for free your Facebook page with these steps:

  • Establish a personal business presence using a fan page.
  • Ensure your brand is popular
  • Become a Facebook group part
  • Get a group and start running it
  • List your events and syndicate your blog
  • Post a link to your blog and stay in touch.

Final Thought

Buying Ad Space increases your Facebook fan page the number of ‘likes.’ However, expanding your audiences, giving discount deals, or announcing special offers is possible only by advertising and promoting it through your page. It is useful for small businesses not having on Facebook a strong presence.

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