10+ Wedding Facebook Post Ideas

The celebratory atmosphere of a wedding is something that everyone looks forward to.

With the union of two people comes a sense of joy and immense happiness.

From the dress shopping to the wedding planning, the excitement of a wedding is just beginning.

When it comes to sharing this special day with the world, it can be difficult to know what to post on social media.

From sweet announcements to fun stories, wedding Facebook post ideas can help make this moment even more special.

From heartfelt sentiments to creative posts, couples can make their wedding one to remember with the perfect Facebook post.

Wedding Day Announcement

The moment of joyous celebration has finally arrived, and your wedding announcement is a way to share your excitement with friends and family. An unforgettable image of the engagement will bring cheer to the announcement, while the date and location will make it easier for loved ones to attend. Let the festivities begin!

Share the Excitement of Your Big Day

The joyous moment has finally arrived–it’s time to share the exciting news of your upcoming wedding! The anticipation of the event is palpable as you take this moment to express your heartfelt joy and delight to your friends and family. With eager smiles and wide eyes, they embrace you with love and congratulations.

The day is filled with enchantment and merriment, and your loved ones are eager to learn more. You explain how it all began with a chance meeting, a spark of destiny, and a blossoming of love. You share the story of your engagement, the joyous proposal, and the unforgettable moment you said yes.

Your friends and family are beside themselves with joy as they listen to your story. You can see the excitement in their eyes, and it is the most beautiful sight. You draw a sense of peace from their love and support, and you know that they will be with you every step of the way. The moment is truly magical, and you can’t help but smile as you share the exciting news of your upcoming nuptials.

Include a Photo of the Engagement

With the excitement of the big day quickly approaching, it’s time to share a snapshot of the happy couple. An engagement photo is the perfect way to announce the wedding day to family and friends.

The photo should capture the spirit of the couple’s relationship and highlight the joy of their upcoming nuptials. A romantic, outdoor setting often works best, as it allows the couple to be the focus of the photo. A beautiful beach sunset or a serene field of wildflowers can provide the perfect backdrop. The happy couple can bring their own unique style to the photo, whether that means wearing matching outfits or donning their favorite colors.

The photo can also be used to introduce the wedding theme. If the couple wants to incorporate the theme into their engagement photo, they can add props and accessories that match the colors and decorations of the wedding. The couple can also include signs with their wedding hashtag or other fun phrases that reflect their relationship. No matter the style, the photo should be a lasting representation of the couple’s love and commitment and serve as a reminder of the joy of their big day.

Include Your Wedding Date and Location

After the celebration of the engagement, it was time to share the details of the big day. We shared the wedding date, as well as the location of our special ceremony. On a bright summer day, we would be wed in a lush garden. The location was breathtaking, with tall trees that swayed gracefully in the warm breeze and vibrant wildflowers that lined the walkways. The garden was surrounded by a white picket fence, which seemed to be the perfect backdrop for our vows. We were filled with joy knowing that we would soon be sharing our special day in such a breathtaking setting.

Wedding Hashtag

To make sure that your special day is remembered for a lifetime, consider creating a unique hashtag for your wedding. This hashtag should include your names and wedding date to make it truly unique. Then, use this hashtag for all your wedding posts and photos on social media to give your wedding an extra special touch.

Create a Unique Hashtag for Your Wedding

Now that you have announced the big day, you need to create a unique hashtag for your wedding. This will help you, your family, and friends easily access all of the photos and videos taken on the wedding day. A unique hashtag can also be used to share your wedding story on social media.

To get started, think of a hashtag that is easy to remember and easy to spell. It should be short and sweet, and should include some part of your names. It’s also a good idea to include the wedding date so that the hashtag can be easily associated to your wedding. Be creative and have fun with it. For example, you could have a hashtag like #SmithSmithWedding2019.

Once you have come up with the perfect hashtag, inject some personality by adding emojis or puns. You could have a hashtag like #SmithSmithPartyof2❤️ or #LoveisintheSmithSmithAir. Make sure to use the hashtag on all of your wedding related posts to keep your wedding memories alive. You can also encourage your guests to use the hashtag when sharing photos and videos taken at your wedding.

Include Your Names and Wedding Date

Now that you’ve announced your wedding day to the world, the next step is to create a unique hashtag to go with it. Including your names and wedding date helps make the hashtag even more special, as it’s a reminder of your bond. Having a hashtag for your wedding not only adds a personal touch, but also makes it easy for your guests to post pictures and messages on social media.

When your guests include your hashtag in their posts, you’ll be able to view all their memories without having to search for them. Additionally, when you’re searching through the hashtag after the wedding, you’ll have a collection of all the fun memories that were made on your special day. It’s a great way to capture the emotions and moments that you may have missed, or to relive the memories that you shared with your loved ones.

To make your hashtag even more unique and meaningful, add your names and wedding date to it. This can be done in a creative way, such as “#GroomNameAndBrideNameSayIDoOnWeddingDate”, or in a more straightforward way like “#GroomNameAndBrideNameGetMarriedOnWeddingDate”. No matter what you choose, having your names and wedding date included in the hashtag will make it even more special.

Use It for All Your Posts and Photos

As the day of your wedding approaches, you may be looking for ways to make the most of your special occasion. Creating a unique hashtag for your wedding is a great way to share your joy with family and friends. Not only will it help you keep track of all the posts and photos shared on social media, but it will also give your guests a way to connect with each other in celebration.

The best way to make sure your hashtag stands out is to include your names and wedding date. This will help ensure that all posts and photos related to your wedding are easy to find. Plus, it will make sure that no one else is using the same hashtag for their event.

Once you have a unique hashtag for your wedding, make sure to use it in all your posts and photos. Encourage your guests to do the same by including the hashtag on your wedding invitations. You can also include it on your wedding website and any other social media accounts you create for your wedding. Doing this will ensure that all your posts and photos related to the wedding are easy to find and can be enjoyed by all your friends and family.

Engagement Story

The love story between the two began when they crossed paths on a sunny day in the park. Sparks flew as they chatted, and after many blissful dates, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. The engagement day was a special celebration, captured in photos that will be treasured forever.

Share How You Met

As much as the wedding hashtag is unique to each couple, so is how each couple first met. Everyone has a special story they can look back on and smile. Our story is no different. It all started on a quiet night in the summer of 2016 when we met for the very first time.

As fate would have it, we met at a mutual friends wedding. We found ourselves seated at the same table and had an instant connection. We talked about our interests, our hobbies, and our day-to-day lives. We found out we had more in common than we could have ever imagined.

The evening felt like it flew by in a matter of minutes, but the connection we felt was one that would last a lifetime. We stayed in contact after the wedding, talked on the phone, and texted each other daily. We startedour relationship and our love has grown stronger ever since. We were officially a couple three months later and the rest is history.

Tell Your Engagement Story

It was a night to remember. The stars shone brightly as we stood at the edge of the picturesque beach. We had just finished a romantic dinner and the sound of the waves lapping at the shore was the perfect soundtrack to this special moment. I nervously reached into my pocket, pulled out a small velvet box and got down on one knee. I looked into her eyes and asked her to be my wife.

The look of joy and surprise in her eyes was something I will never forget. She said yes and I slipped a beautiful diamond ring onto her finger. We hugged and laughed and then stood there, taking it all in, surrounded by the beauty of the night.

We both knew this was the beginning of a beautiful journey together, and we wanted to remember that moment forever. We took out our phones and snapped a few photos, so we would always have that memory to look back on.

Include Photos from Your Engagement

After sharing the unique hashtag to commemorate the big day, it is only fitting to include some of the fond memories from the engagement that led up to it. Photos are a great way to capture the emotion of the special moment and to bring back all the feelings of love and joy experienced during the proposal.

The picturesque landscape of the beach provided a stunning backdrop as the sun glowed in the sky and the sand sparkled. With the stunning view, the couple posed for a few photos that captured the moment of their engagement perfectly. The gentle ocean breeze blew through their hair as they shared a passionate kiss and the loving embrace that followed. The moment was filled with an immense amount of love and happiness that was captured in the photos taken.

As a memento of the special day, the couple also chose to have a few pictures taken of themselves with their families and friends. Everyone was beaming with joy as the happy couple hugged and snuggled close. All the people in the pictures were filled with so much love and excitement for the two of them. It was a heartwarming reminder of the love that surrounded them and their relationship.

Reception Details

The venue for the reception is a grand ballroom, decorated with elegance and style. The date and time for the occasion will be announced soon, and guests can look forward to a night of wonderful music and delicious food. Every detail has been carefully chosen to make the reception unforgettable.

Include Venue Information

The sun started to set as the newly engaged couple drove away from their engagement location, setting the stage for the start of the next chapter of their love story. Arriving at the reception venue, they were met with the sight of a magnificent castle that was surrounded by beautiful gardens and lush greenery. The reception was to take place in the castle’s grand ballroom, an impressive space that was large enough to accommodate the expected guests. With its ornate chandeliers, grand marble staircase, and awe-inspiring pillars, the ballroom promised to be an unforgettable setting for the reception. The couple was eager to celebrate their love and commitment with their friends and family in this stunning location.

Mention the Date and Time

The sun set on the evening of the couple’s special day, signaling the start of the reception. Guests gathered in the grand banquet hall, dressed in their finest attire, eagerly awaiting the commencement of the reception. Through the large windows, the twinkling stars of the night sky could be seen, the glimmering moonlight casting its soft light on the guests.

The reception began promptly at 7:00pm, the couple announcing their entrance with a grand waltz. A beautiful array of drinks and hors d’oeuvres were served, and the guests were entertained with a variety of live performances. The celebration continued into the night, and all the guests enjoyed the magical atmosphere of the reception.

As the clock struck midnight, the couple took to the center of the dance floor and shared a sweet dance, their guests joining them in a final farewell to the night. The memories of the reception and the joyous celebration of the couple’s special day would remain with the guests for many years to come.

Include Any Details about the Reception

After the lovely ceremony, the celebration continued at the reception. The reception was a time for friends and family to come together and share in the joy of the newlywed couple. The reception was held at a stunning outdoor venue that overlooked a picturesque lake. The outdoor setting was enhanced with strings of lights that created a warm and inviting atmosphere for the guests.

The reception was filled with music, laughter, and lots of dancing. The couple invited a live band to perform and they kept the dance floor full all night long. The bride and groom also decided to surprise their guests with a fun game. They had a photo booth set up for everyone to take silly pictures and post them to their social media accounts.

The night ended with a special surprise for the bride and groom. The couple’s parents had arranged for a fireworks show to be performed as a way to honor their love and commitment. As the night sky lit up with vibrant colors, the couple shared a romantic kiss and watched in awe. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Wedding Gift Registry

The wedding gift registry should include a link so that friends and family can easily access it. Adding photos of the items on the registry will help guests find the perfect gift for the couple. Finally, thanking guests for their contribution to the happy couple’s special day is an essential part of the registry process.

Include a Link to Your Registry

As a couple, you want to make it easy for your guests to purchase wedding gifts. The best way to do that is to include a link to your gift registry on your wedding website. This will allow guests to quickly find the registry and purchase the items you requested.

The link should be prominently displayed on the wedding website. It should be easy to find, but not too intrusive. You can add the link to the main page or include it in a separate section dedicated to the gift registry.

When creating the link, make sure to provide guests with as much information as possible. Include the name of the store, the location of the store, and the exact URL of the registry. This will help ensure that guests are able to find the registry quickly and easily. Additionally, be sure to check that the link works properly before you share it with your guests. Nothing is worse than a broken link leading to a dead end.

Include Photos of the Gifts

Making sure your wedding guests know where to find your gift registry is key, but there’s still one more important element to add: photos of the items on your registry. Including pictures of the gifts can help your guests make wise choices and will make them feel like they are really giving you something special.

When adding photos to your registry, start by picking ones of the most popular items on your list. This will give your guests an idea of the gifts you like and might even inspire them to buy one of those items. You can also choose photos of items that you’ve already received, so your guests can see what kind of gifts you’ve already been blessed with.

Finally, don’t forget to include a few fun photos of you and your partner near the items that are on your registry. This will remind your guests why they are giving you these gifts in the first place, and it will also make the process much more personal. Add a heartfelt message to the photos to really drive the point home and you’ll be sure to have a wedding gift registry that your guests will love.

Thank Your Friends and Family

A heartfelt thank you is one of the most important parts of the gift registry process. After months of planning, your special day has finally arrived and your friends and family have all gathered to celebrate with you. Showing your appreciation for their generous gifts is essential in expressing your gratitude.

To make sure that everyone who attended your wedding feels appreciated, it is important to properly thank them for their gifts. Consider sending each guest a personalized handwritten thank-you note with a special message of appreciation. This gesture of kindness will be sure to show them that you truly value them and their presence at your wedding.

In addition to the thank-you notes, you may also consider sending a small gift as an extra token of appreciation. A small token of appreciation will show your guests that you not only appreciate their presence but also the thoughtfulness of their gift. Regardless of what you choose, the gesture of appreciation will be sure to touch the hearts of your friends and family.

Wedding Photos

Capturing the beauty of your special day with wedding photos is an exciting way to commemorate the event. Every shot should be considered artfully, from photos of the happy couple to snapshots of the guests celebrating together. Professional photos of the couple can be shared to highlight the beauty of the day, while photos taken by friends and family can be used to capture the fun and emotion of the event. Creative captions can be added to each photo to give an extra spark of humor and personality.

Share Professional Photos

In addition to your wedding gift registry, you’ll also want to capture the memories of your special day with beautiful photos. Professional photography can be expensive, but there are a few ways to make it more affordable.

One strategy is to select a package that includes the most important shots and/or a limited number of hours. You can also choose a photographer who is just starting out and eager for experience, as they may be more likely to provide you with a discounted rate. You can also look for other deals and discounts, such as photo packages that come with a discounted album or prints.

When choosing a photographer, be sure to ask questions to ensure you are happy with the results. Make sure to see samples of their work, and ask if they can provide testimonials from previous clients. You’ll want to be sure that the photographer understands your vision and is willing to work with you to create the perfect photo album that reflects the joy and beauty of your wedding day.

Post Photos from Your Special Day

The joy of the wedding day doesn’t have to end when the last guest waves goodbye. Posting photos from the day allows family and friends to relive the precious memories that were shared. Whether it’s a selfie or a professional portrait, each photo will be special to those who witnessed the union.

The wedding photography captures the emotion in the air. From the couple’s first kiss to their first dance, the beauty of the day is frozen in time. It’s the perfect opportunity to look back on the special day with fondness and joy. Every shot taken should be embraced and cherished.

The photos can be shared on social media, shared in an email, or sent through a direct message. Every photo will bring a smile to the faces of those who were there to cheer on the couple. They can also be framed and hung in the newlyweds’ home as a reminder of the love that was blessed on the day they exchanged vows.

Include Fun Captions

After creating the perfect gift registry, it’s time to look back and capture all the memories of your special day. While you’ll certainly get professional photos to remember the event, you can also post photos your friends and family took. One of the best ways to make these memories stand out is to include a fun caption with each one.

The captions can be a play on words, something quirky, or just a few words of admiration for the couple. It’s important to make the caption relevant to the picture, as well as to the wedding itself. Not only is it a great way to add a little humor to the photos, it’s also a way to bring everyone together to share in the couple’s special day.

When crafting these captions, it’s important to make sure they’re appropriate and uplifting. These captions will become part of the couple’s memory and should be something they’ll look back on and smile. Keep the captions positive and playful, and you’ll be sure to make the couple’s wedding photos one-of-a-kind.

Wedding Thank You Messages

From the moment the guests arrive, a warm welcome should be shared to make them feel appreciated and special. Exchanges of gifts and heartfelt gestures should be met with gratitude and thankfulness. Finally, a heartfelt thank you should be given to those closest to the couple who have provided support and guidance throughout the journey.

Acknowledge Your Guests

Having captured each moment of their wedding day, the couple was now ready to turn their attention to expressing their gratitude to all the people who had made their special day so memorable. Acknowledging their guests was an important part of their plan.

The newlyweds sent out a personalized card for each guest, decorated with a picture of them taken on their wedding day. The card thanked the guests for being part of their special day, and invited them to visit a website where the couple had posted a selection of their wedding photos.

The couple also made sure to thank each guest personally for coming and for their gifts. They sent thank you notes within a few days of the wedding, expressing their appreciation for the time and money the guests had invested in making their day so special. The couple also included a photo from the wedding, a reminder of the fun they had all shared.

The couple was grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge their guests, and for the chance to express their appreciation for the people who had attended their wedding and shared in their joy.

Show Gratitude for Gifts

After the joyful memories of the wedding day, it is time to show your appreciation for the generous gifts your guests have lavished upon you. The gifts you have received are a testament to the love and support of your family and friends.

The thoughtful presents that have arrived are a reminder of just how fortunate you are to have such wonderful people in your life. From the sparkling jewelry to the monogrammed towels, each gift carries a heartfelt message of love. Even if the gift was not the one you expected, the thought behind it is just as valuable.

The gifts you have received are not only a reminder of your wedding day, but also a reminder of the relationships you have built and the people you can always rely on. Show your gratitude for the gifts you have been given by taking a few moments to write a special note. Thanking your guests for their thoughtful presents will show them that their efforts were appreciated and will bring a smile to their faces.

Thank Your Friends and Family

With the wedding photos taken and all the gifts opened, it was time to send out the wedding thank you messages. Showing gratitude to friends and family was a top priority for the newlyweds.

The thank you notes were a heartfelt way of expressing the couple’s appreciation for their loved ones’ support. Drafting the notes was a time-consuming process, but the couple wanted to thank each of their guests personally. They chose a classic yet elegant stationary design with special messages that emphasized their gratitude.

The couple wrote that they were deeply touched by the friends and family who traveled far and wide to be with them on their special day. They thanked them for the generous gifts and reminded them that their presence was the greatest gift of all. They also wrote that they felt incredibly lucky to have been surrounded by such thoughtful and loving people and that their wedding wouldn’t have been the same without them.

The couple knew that their thank you messages were a simple gesture, but it was one that was filled with love and appreciation. The heartfelt notes were a way to show how thankful they were for the people who made their wedding day an unforgettable experience.

Honeymoon Photos

Capturing the memories of a special honeymoon trip is a must. From picturesque sunsets to romantic strolls on the beach, each photo can be accompanied with a captivating caption to highlight the joyous journey. Along with the photos, don’t forget to mention the highlights of the trip – each moment was unique and deserves to be remembered.

Share Photos from Your Trip

The joy of a wedding celebration may have come to a close, but the memories of the happy union will remain forever. As a newly married couple, you now have the chance to embark on a journey of a lifetime and create more memories to cherish. What better way to commemorate your honeymoon than by sharing your photos from your trip?

Pictures taken during your honeymoon will turn into beautiful reminders of the experience you shared together. Whether it’s a photo of the two of you together or a stunning landscape, every image will bring back memories of your special journey. Being creative with the photos you take will make them even more special; use the natural light of the day to bring out the best in your photos or take some shots in the evening for a romantic mood.

A great way to make your honeymoon photos even more special is to include captions about your adventures. Not only will it give your photos a unique touch, but it will also be a fun way to share your stories with others. You can also use the captions to highlight any of the highlights from your trip, like a romantic boat ride or a delicious dinner you had at a local restaurant. Captions will make your photos even more special and help keep those memories alive.

Include Captions About Your Adventures

After the flurry of wedding planning and the beautiful ceremony, it was finally time for the honeymoon. And what a trip it was! Every day was filled with new experiences and opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime. Now that the trip is over, it’s time to share the photos and captions about the many adventures throughout the journey.

From the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains to the warm sandy beaches, each location had something special to offer. Each photo was a chance to capture the moment and to remember the amazing experiences that will stay with travelers for years to come. The captions were a way to share the stories of the trip with friends, family, and followers. From the funny moments to the quiet moments, each caption shared the stories of the journey in a few short words.

The captions also highlighted the special highlights of the trip. Whether it was a romantic dinner or a daring adventure, the captions allowed people to get a glimpse into the epic adventures of the honeymoon. From the mountain top moments to the underwater adventures, the captions gave a brief insight into the special moments of the honeymoon.

Mention Any Highlights from Your Trip

Having just returned from your honeymoon, it’s the perfect time to share some of the highlights from your trip with family and friends. From breathtaking views of the coastline to unique experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime, there are plenty of stories to tell.

The evening hot air balloon ride that you took together was definitely one of the highlights. As you soared through the sky, the sun slowly slipped below the horizon, creating an array of colors across the sky. You finished the ride with a glass of champagne, watching the night sky emerge above you, twinkling with stars.

The culinary delights at the nearby restaurant were also a highlight. The traditional dish that you sampled was cooked to perfection and was served with a side of freshly picked vegetables, adding a delightful crunch and flavor to the meal. You left the restaurant with full stomachs and happy hearts, feeling content and relaxed.


Posting on Facebook for your wedding is a great way to share your big day with all your family and friends. Every post will be a unique and meaningful way to celebrate your special day and share your excitement with the world. From engagement stories, to honeymoon photos, wedding thank you messages, and even the gift registry, your friends and family will be able to join you in your exciting journey. By creating a hashtag and inviting friends and family to view your posts, you can make sure everyone can be a part of your special celebration. So don’t forget to post all the wonderful moments of your big day, and create a special memory book that will last a lifetime.

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