100 Facebook Album Name Ideas for Homecoming Week

Coming up with a good Facebook album name for your homecoming week can be tricky. The name needs to be fun, clever, meaningful and should represent the spirit of homecoming. This comprehensive guide shares 100 album name ideas for homecoming week along with tips to help you brainstorm unique names.

Why Album Names Matter

While photos capture the memorable moments, the album name becomes the identity of the event. An interesting name not only intrigues people but also represents the essence of the occasion. When shared with friends and family, it becomes the first impression of your homecoming experience.

So take some time to think of creative names rather than just labeling albums like “Homecoming + [year]”. Make it witty, humorous or heartfelt so that when people see the album years later, it takes them back to the fun times you had.

Tips for Brainstorming Album Names

  • Focus on the theme: If your school has a specific homecoming theme like Hollywood or the 80s, use relevant phrases from movie names, songs etc.
  • Use wordplay and puns: Puns and witty word play never gets old. E.g. “We’re Not Lion About Our School Spirit”
  • Rhyme it: Rhyming album names sound catchy. E.g. “Floats and Boats”
  • Song lyrics: Tweak popular song lyrics to make topical name ideas.
  • Play with years: Use graduation year or words associated with school grade. E.g. Class of 2024
  • Acronyms: Spell out short forms like Homecoming, School Name etc.
  • Alliterations: Tongue twisters with same first letters. E.g. “Spirit, Streamers and Sparkles”
  • Capture emotions: Use names that reflect the nostalgia and excitement of homecoming.

100 Homecoming Week Facebook Album Name Ideas

Here are 100 creative, funny and cool homecoming album name ideas to inspire you:

Clever and Humorous Names

  1. HoCo & Glow
  2. Floats and Boats
  3. Crowning Around
  4. Spirit Week Winners
  5. Hall Decking
  6. Toga Toga Toga
  7. Superhero or Zero
  8. Lion Down the House
  9. Mum’s the Word
  10. Crowning Glory

Theme and Event-Specific Names

  1. Hollywood Homecoming
  2. We’re Not Lion About Our School Spirit
  3. The Roaring 20s
  4. 80s Like Totally
  5. Decade Dance Party
  6. Disco Fever
  7. That’s A Wrap: Hollywood Homecoming
  8. Lights, Camera, Action
  9. The Red Carpet Rollout
  10. Fame and Floats

Names Using School Mascot

  1. When Lions Roar
  2. Manes and Floats
  3. Lion Pride
  4. Roaring Good Times
  5. Mane Event
  6. Best in Class
  7. Leader of the Pride
  8. Mane Attraction
  9. Lion Down the House
  10. Lion Around

Names With School Name

  1. Wilkins Warriors
  2. Wilkins Way
  3. Go Warriors
  4. Bleed Green – Wilkins Homecoming
  5. Warrior Nation
  6. Green Out
  7. Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior
  8. Warrior Week
  9. Warrior Spirit
  10. It’s a Warrior Thing

Names Using Graduation Year

  1. Senior Yearbook: Class of [year]
  2. The A-Team: Class of [year]
  3. Road to [year]
  4. [year] Vision
  5. Senior Spotlight: [year]
  6. The Final Countdown Class of [year]
  7. Outta Here [year]!
  8. The End Crowns a New Beginning: [year]
  9. We Run the School [year]
  10. Senior Year State of Mind [year]


  1. Spirit, Streamers and Sparkles
  2. Poms, Pals and Pride
  3. Floats and Friends
  4. Togas and Touchdowns
  5. Crowns and Classmates
  6. Bands and Besties
  7. Streamers and Smiles
  8. Sparkle and Spirit
  9. Friends and Festivities
  10. Fun and Floats

Rhyming Names

  1. Show our Colors
  2. Royal Rollout
  3. Crowning Around
  4. Here Comes Homecoming
  5. Floats and Boats
  6. Mums and Fun
  7. Rah Rah Roar
  8. Green Team
  9. Spirit Week
  10. Show our Pride

Emotion and Nostalgia Based

  1. The Good Old Days
  2. Memory Lane
  3. The Farewell Tour
  4. One Last Time
  5. The Final Fling
  6. Sentimental Season
  7. Nostalgia Night
  8. We Run This!
  9. Senior Year State of Mind
  10. The Best is Yet to Be

Using Song Lyrics

  1. We Found Love in a Homecoming Place
  2. Can’t Stop the Feeling
  3. Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night
  4. We Are Young, We Are Strong
  5. The Time of Our Lives
  6. We Owned the Night
  7. Yeah We’re Amazing, Class of [year]
  8. Thanks for the Memories
  9. This One’s For the Seniors
  10. One Last Ride


  1. Homecoming Of Wilkins Seniors
  2. Spirit Of Senior Year
  3. Once A Warrior, Always A Warrior
  4. Wilkins Wonder Years
  5. Senior Year Rocks
  6. We Love Our School
  7. Best In The World: Wilkins High
  8. Leaders Of The Pride
  9. Roaring Twenties
  10. Class Of [year] Rules


Q: How do I select the best homecoming album names?

A: Choose names that represent your school spirit, inside jokes with friends, popular trends/themes, graduation year or song lyrics that summarize your feelings.

Q: Should I use serious or funny names?

A: You can use both! Balance clever puns with emotional or themed names.

Q: How do these names help?

A: Good names intrigue people, help album visibility and let you reminisce the fun times when you look back.

Q: How many words should an album name be?

A: Ideally less than 15 words. Short, catchy names are easy to remember.

Q: Can I take suggestions from my friends?

A: Yes, inputs from classmates and friends can help generate creative ideas based on your common experiences.

I hope these album name ideas and tips help you come up with something memorable for your homecoming that you’ll cherish for years! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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