100 Facebook Album Name Ideas for Campus Tours

Going on college campus tours can be an exciting part of the college application process. As you walk around prospective schools, consider snapping photos to capture memories from your visits.

To keep all your campus tour photos organized on Facebook, you’ll need to create photo albums. Coming up with a unique and clever name for your campus tour photo albums can be a fun way to commemorate your college visits.

This article will provide 100 campus tour Facebook album name ideas ranging from creative to cute to clever. I’ve also included tips to help spark your inspiration as you brainstorm album names for all the colleges you’ll explore.

Why Create Campus Tour Photo Albums?

Before jumping into album title ideas, let’s first cover why you should create campus tour albums in the first place. Here are some of the benefits:

Preserve Memories

Campus visits can start to blur together after one long road trip checking out college after college. Creating neatly organized Facebook albums for each school can help keep your tour memories separate and intact.

Easily Share With Friends and Family

Rather than texting photos of every campus fountain and dorm room to your parents and friends, you can add them to custom Facebook albums to more easily share snapshots from your college visits.

Look Back on Your Journey

Someday when you’re sitting in your freshman dorm, it might be entertaining to scroll back through your old campus tour albums and reminisce about visiting your future alma mater for the first time.

Aid College Decisions

Curating photo albums for each school can also help jog your memory about what you did and didn’t like about specific campuses as application deadlines approach.

Campus Tour Photo Album Name Ideas

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: 100 creative name ideas to label your campus tour photo albums with on Facebook!

I’ve organized the suggestions into categories to make it easier to find the perfect fit based on your personal style and campus visit experiences.

Clever and Quirky Album Names

If you appreciate offbeat humor, these album titles filled with puns, rhymes, and plays on words could be right up your alley:

  1. Tour and Tourist (School Name Here)
  2. Memory Lane at (School Name)
  3. (School Mascot) Sightings
  4. My Future Stomping Grounds
  5. I Visited, I Saw, I Explored (School Initials)
  6. Tour de (School Name)
  7. (School Name) Through the Looking Glass
  8. My (School Mascot) Adventure
  9. A (School Color) Kind of Day at (School Name)
  10. Welcome to My (School Name) Dream Tour

Creative and Descriptive Album Names

If you want an album name that sums up the vibe on campus or key parts of your visit, these creative titles could do the trick:

  1. Brick Buildings and Future Dreams: (School Name) Tour
  2. Fountains and Flowers: My (School Name) Visit
  3. Ivy and Architecture at (University Name)
  4. (School Name) From Dawn to Dusk
  5. My Whirlwind Tour of (College)
  6. 12 Hours at (University): My Campus Visit Marathon
  7. Getting My Feet Wet at (School)
  8. My Crash Course at (College)
  9. Classrooms, Dorms, and Dining Halls: My (School) Adventure
  10. Making Memories from Mountains to Valleys: Touring (University)

Location- or Season-Inspired Album Names

If the geography or weather during your campus visit stood out, incorporate location or seasonal details into your album title:

  1. (School Name) Among the Evergreens
  2. From the Mountains to the Classrooms: Touring (College)
  3. A Sunny Autumn Afternoon at (University)
  4. Spring Flowers and Future Dreams: (College) Tour
  5. Snowy Days on Campus at (School)
  6. Palm Trees and Possibilities: Visiting (University)
  7. Oceans and Optimism at (Beachside School)
  8. (School Name) From the Harbor to the Halls
  9. A Skyline View: My Visit to Urban (College)
  10. Concrete Jungle Dreams: Touring City Campus (University)

Emotion-Evoking Album Names

Share some of the excitement, nervousness, joy, or optimism you felt about potential future campuses with these emotion-focused album titles:

  1. Butterflies and Bright Futures at (School)
  2. Dreaming of (School Name)
  3. Finding My Home at (College)
  4. Picture Perfect Possibilities at (University)
  5. Love at First Sight: Visiting (School)
  6. Catching College Fever at (Campus)
  7. *Starry-Eyed at (University) *
  8. Imagining Life as a (Mascot): My (School) Tour
  9. Envisioning the Adventure Ahead at (College)
  10. My Heart Set on (School Name)

Nostalgic Album Names

Someday when you’re in college, feeling sentimental about your campus visits, these nostalgic album titles will take you back in time:

  1. Remember When? Touring (School)
  2. #TBT: Visiting (College) for the First Time
  3. Throwback to Campus Tours at (University)
  4. #FlashbackFriday to My (School) Visit
  5. Can You Believe We Were Once Prospective Students? Touring (Campus)
  6. Feeling Nostalgic About (School Name)
  7. The Good Old Days: Touring Future Campuses
  8. (School) Memories
  9. Looking Back on Campus Visits with (Friend’s Name(s))
  10. Remember When We Toured (College)?

Lyrical Album Names

If lyrics from your favorite songs inspire you, incorporate them into your campus tour album titles:

  1. A Whole New World: Visiting (School)
  2. Start of Something New: My (University) Tour
  3. Right Place and the Right Time: Touring (College)
  4. The Climb to (School Name)
  5. My Future Starts Today at (Campus)
  6. Oh, the Places I’ll Go at (University)
  7. My Next Chapter at (College)
  8. This is Me Finding My Dreams at (School)
  9. I Can See Clearly Now at (University)
  10. The Adventure Begins at (College)

Reference Pop Culture Album Names

If you’re a TV show, movie, or book buff, give your album a popular culture-themed title:

  1. Hogwarts Who? Touring Real-Life (School Name)
  2. The (University) Chronicles
  3. Stranger Things Have Happened: Visiting (School)
  4. Touring Middle Earth: My Visit to (College)
  5. Game of Colleges: Visiting Future Thrones at (University)
  6. The Ivy League Chronicles: Touring (Prestigious School)
  7. Orange May Be the New Black But (School Colors) is My Future
  8. (School Name) State of Mind
  9. I Left My Heart in (College City): Campus Tour
  10. A Tale of Two Campuses: (Rival School) vs. (Rival School)

Cute and Playful Album Names

If you want something short and sweet, these cute album titles will do the trick:

  1. My Home Away from Home: (School Name)
  2. My (School Mascot) Fam
  3. Future (School Mascot) Pride
  4. (University) Dreamin’
  5. Toured This! (School Initials)
  6. My Oh My! Visiting (College)
  7. (University) For the Win!
  8. Yay or Nay? My (College) Tour
  9. I Like! My (School) Visit
  10. XOXO, (University)

Hashtag Album Names

If you’re into using hashtags on social media, carry them over into your campus tour album titles:

  1. #CampusGoals: Touring (School)
  2. #CollegeDreams Do Come True: Visiting (University)
  3. #Future(School Mascot): My (College) Tour
  4. #TouredThis: (University Name)
  5. #SoldOn(College)
  6. #CampusCrush on (School)
  7. #MajorDecisions Ahead: Touring (University)
  8. #DormSweetDorm: My (College) Visit
  9. #TheCollegeLife Starts Here: (School Name) Tour
  10. #ThisIsMyFuture: Visiting (University)

Creative List-Style Album Names

Stand out from standard listicles by transforming number-based album titles into creative campus tour themes:

  1. One Exciting Exposure: My Visit to (School)
  2. Two Thumbs Up for This Tour: (College Name)
  3. Three Cheers for (University)!
  4. Four Stars for My Future: Visiting (School)
  5. 5 Reasons I’m Obsessed With (College)
  6. 6 Picture Perfect Memories from (University)
  7. 7 Wonders at (School)
  8. 8 Hours Well Spent: My (College) Tour
  9. 9 Out of 10 Would Recommend This Campus Visit
  10. 10 Things I Loved About Touring (University)

Tips for Brainstorming Campus Tour Photo Album Names

With 100 campus visit photo album name ideas for inspiration, it’s time to start brainstorming the perfect title for all your own school tours.

Here are some tips to get your creativity flowing:

Use Alliteration and Rhymes

Incorporating alliteration with the same first letters or rhyming words can make album names sound catchy and memorable. For example, “Fountains and Flowers” or “City Sights & Campus Lights”.

Make Word Associations

Think of random words that describe the campus or your visit, like “urban,” “trees,” or “friendly.” Then force connections between unlike words to spark unexpected album name ideas, like “Urban Evergreens.

Browse Campus Tour Hashtags on Social Media

Search campus tour hashtags like #campustour on platforms like Instagram and TikTok and look for creative captions you could tweak for your own album names.

Reminisce About Your Visit

What key memories or moments stood out from each campus tour? Use those specifics as inspiration for album titles that capture the individual essence of every school.

Incorporate School Names, Mascots, and Locations

Personalize your album titles by including details like the college name, school mascot, city or state, landmarks, geographical features or other campus-specific identifiers.

Campus Tour Photo Album Name Ideas FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about coming up with creative Facebook album names for your college campus tours:

How many campus tour albums should I create?

Ideally, create one photo album for each school you visit. This keeps all your photos organized by individual campus. If you tour 10+ colleges, you may want albums for geographical groups or just your top schools.

Should album names be school-specific?

Yes, personalizing each album name with the college name and other campus details makes titles more distinctive and easier to search for later when you’re trying to locate a specific school’s tour photos.

How long can album names be?

Facebook allows photo album titles up to 100 characters. Aim for longer, descriptive names up to the limit to best capture key memories from each campus visit.

Should I include the date of my visit in the album name?

Dates can be helpful identifiers. But with creative album names, they may not be necessary if you have school-specific details. However, if touring multiple times, adding dates is wise to differentiate trips.

I hope these 100 campus tour photo album name recommendations, tips for brainstorming unique titles, and FAQs give you creative inspiration for showcasing all your prospective college visits on Facebook!

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