100 Facebook Album Name Ideas for Safari Sightings in Africa

Going on a safari and seeing incredible wildlife in Africa is an unforgettable experience. After your trip, you’ll likely have hundreds of amazing photos from your sightings that you’ll want to share with friends and family on Facebook.

Creating an album on Facebook and choosing the right name is important to get people to actually look at all those incredible photos. The album name needs to capture the essence of the experience, be intriguing and exciting, and make viewers want to click and start scrolling through the images.

This article will provide 100 great Facebook album name ideas for safari sightings that you can use as inspiration when putting together your next African wildlife photo album. We’ll cover different categories of names – like specific animals seen, safari location names, clever plays on words, emotions felt, etc.

These album title ideas should spark your creativity to come up with the perfect descriptive and eye-catching name for your own African safari photo collections.

Tips for Creating Great Facebook Album Names

When brainstorming album names for your African safari wildlife photos, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use location names – The country or specific national park where photos were taken. This helps viewers understand the context.
  • Mention rare sightings – If you captured a leopard or other elusive animal, highlight it.
  • Show emotions felt – Choose names that create intrigue and interest to view images.
  • Use clever word play – Safari has lots of potential for fun puns and creative titles.
  • Highlight favorite moments – Create names featuring your top memorable sighting.
  • Specify animal names – Albums featuring specific creatures seen can use that animal name.
  • Keep it short and sweet – Don’t make the album name excessively long. Keep it focused.

100 Safari Sightings Africa Album Name Ideas

Below are 100 great Facebook album name ideas you can use, separated into different categories:

Album Titles Using Location Name

  1. Magical Moments in Maasai Mara
  2. Kruger Dreaming – Kruger National Park
  3. South African Safari – Kruger Park
  4. Tanzania’s Treasures – Serengeti Sightings
  5. Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife
  6. Okavango Delta Animal Encounters
  7. Safari in Sabi Sands Game Reserve
  8. Madikwe Magic! Madikwe Game Reserve
  9. Hwange National Park Safari
  10. Mana Pools National Park Marvels

Titles Featuring Specific Animals

  1. The Leopard’s Spots – Leopard Sightings
  2. Loving the Lions – Big Cat Photos
  3. Cheetahs on the Chase!
  4. Painted Wolves of Africa
  5. Elephant Encounters Up Close
  6. Rhinos of Africa – Conservation in Action
  7. Giraffe Family – Tall Drink of Water!
  8. Hippo Hideaway – Hippos Up Close
  9. Zebra Dazzle!
  10. Wildebeest Great Migration River Crossing

Emotion Evoking & Intriguing Album Names

  1. Breathtaking Moments – Wildlife Wonders
  2. Goosebumps Galore – Incredible Sightings
  3. Jaw Dropping Moments in Africa
  4. Safari Highlights & Delights
  5. Laugh Out Loud Funny Animals
  6. Tears of Joy During Our Safari
  7. Gasping with Wonder at Nature
  8. Unforgettable Sightings to Treasure Forever
  9. Africa Dreams Come True
  10. Bucket List Safari Adventure

Clever Word Play & Puns

  1. Animals Gone Wild! Safaris are the Wildest.
  2. Beast Mode! Epic Animal Sightings
  3. Manes and Maneaters – Lions Galore
  4. Fur and Feathers – Furry & Feathered Friends
  5. Big 5 Bonanza! The Fab Five of Safari.
  6. Mane Event – Lion Pride Sightings
  7. Fur Real! Wild Encounters Up Close
  8. Mane Attraction – Beautiful Lions
  9. Fur-ocious Felines! Big Cats Up Close
  10. Fintastic Fish Eagles! Stunning Raptors

Favorite Specific Sightings

  1. Baby Elephant Antics – Adorable Youngster
  2. Lion Cubs at Play – Future Kings of the Jungle
  3. Leopard Mother & Cub Together
  4. Cheetah Chase and Takedown!
  5. Lil’ Zebras – Adorable Foals
  6. Elephant Herd at the Watering Hole
  7. Lion Pride Feasting After the Hunt
  8. Giraffe Family with Calf – Tower of Giraffes
  9. Rhino Battle – Sparring White Rhinos
  10. Wildebeest Migration River Crossing Chaos

Short & Sweet Album Titles

  1. Big 5 Bliss
  2. Cat Nap – Lions Lounging
  3. Giraffic Park!
  4. Stripes & Spots – Zebra & Leopard
  5. The Hunt – Lions Seeking Prey
  6. Tiny Tuskers – Baby Elephants
  7. Rhino Relaxation
  8. Cheetah Chase
  9. Hippo Hangout
  10. Bird Bonanza

Emotion Focused Names

  1. Bliss in Botswana – Okavango Magic
  2. Absolute Awe in Africa
  3. Wonder in the Wild
  4. Safari Smiles & Laughs
  5. Weeping with Wonder – Emotional Sightings
  6. Goosebumps Galore on Safari!
  7. Jaw Dropping Moments – Safari Highlights
  8. Roaring with Laughter – Funny Animals
  9. Growling with Excitement – Big Cat Thrills
  10. Living the Dream on African Safari

Location & Animal Combo Names

  1. Kruger’s Big Cats – Lions & Leopards
  2. Okavango’s Giants – Elephants Up Close
  3. Masai Mara Cheetahs – World’s Fastest Cats
  4. Serengeti Great Migration – Epic Animal Movements
  5. Kruger Giraffes – Elegant Giants
  6. Chobe Hippos – Laughing Loud in Botswana
  7. Madikwe Elephants – Grey Giants Up Close
  8. Sabi Sands Leopards – Elusive Big Cats
  9. Tanzania’s Wildebeest River Crossing
  10. Mana Pools Lion Prides – African Kings

Favorite Specific Moments

  1. Lil’ Simba – Adorable Lion Cub Sightings
  2. Elephant Herd at the Watering Hole Pandemonium
  3. Cheetah Family Feasting After the Hunt
  4. Giraffe Calf’s First Wobbly Steps
  5. Zebra Foal’s First Steps – Wobbly Knees!
  6. Baby Rhinos Playing – Future Tanks at Play
  7. Leopard Cub Climbing Lessons – Adorable!
  8. Hippo Yawn Reveals Ferocious Teeth
  9. Lion Pride Nap Stack – Lions Lounging in Piles
  10. Secretary Bird Snatches Snake – Epic Hunting Skills

Short & Sweet Names

  1. Tusked Tots – Baby Elephants
  2. Fast Felines – Cheetahs on the Run
  3. Hungry Hippos – Feeding Frenzy
  4. Bird Buffet – Gorgeous Eagles
  5. Zebra Zoomies – Playful Foals
  6. Roar Power – Awesome Lions
  7. Leopard Lookout – Patient Big Cat
  8. Giraffe Gang – Tower of Giraffes
  9. Rhino Relaxation – Lounging Heavyweights
  10. Stripes & Spots – Zebra & Cheetah Coalition


Still have questions about coming up with great Facebook album names for your African safari & wildlife photos? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the best practices for album titles?

The best album titles are descriptive, emotional, clever, short & sweet. Use location names, rare sightings, emotions felt, word play, favorite moments and specific animals seen to create intriguing and clickable names.

How long should my album name be?

Keep album names focused but short and scannable – ideally between 4-8 words maximum. Don’t make them excessively long paragraphs. Short, sweet and descriptive is best.

Should I include the country or park location in the title?

Yes, mentioning the specific country, national park or game reserve is helpful context for viewers. Examples: Kruger’s Big Cats, Okavango Giants, Masai Mara Cheetahs.

What if I don’t have one standout favorite photo?

If you don’t have a single favorite sighting, focus instead on emotions felt, clever word play, or simply describing the diversity of wildlife seen. Examples: Wonder in the Wild, Fur & Feathers, Big 5 Bonanza.

How can I make the title exciting and clickable?

Use emotions like awe, laughter, goosebumps or words like incredible, unforgettable, breathtaking. Mention rare sightings like leopards or cute babies to create interest. Clever puns and word play also grabs attention.

I hope these 100 album name ideas spark your creativity for showcasing your own incredible African safari sightings and wildlife encounters on Facebook! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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