10+ Salon Facebook Contest Ideas

The modern age of social media has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for salons looking to engage their customers and grow their business.

From creative contests to rewarding loyal customers, salons can easily use Facebook to build brand awareness and attract new clients.

Contest ideas run the gamut from like and share to post and hashtag, taking advantage of the powerful tools available on the platform.

For salons, Facebook contests provide an opportunity to engage with their customers, reward them for their loyalty, and build up their followers.

By offering creative contests, salons can get creative with their ideas and create an incentive for customers to share and spread the word about their business.

Salons can also use contests to create a sense of community and reward their followers for engaging with their posts.


The possibilities for giveaways are endless; from gifting someone a gift card, to providing a free product, to offering a free service. Giving someone the chance to purchase a gift card can be a great way to show appreciation for their loyalty, while providing a free product can be a great way to introduce potential customers to your business. Offering a free service can also help to increase customer engagement, allowing customers to get a taste of the quality of service they can expect from your business.

Gift Card Giveaway

Entering a gift card giveaway is an exciting way to win something special. These giveaways provide an opportunity for a person to win something that they may not have been able to afford without the giveaway. Some of the most popular gift card giveaways are for restaurants, department stores, and movie theaters.

Gift card giveaways are often sponsored by companies or groups who want to promote their brand or product. Companies may also choose to offer gift card giveaways in order to reward customers who have been loyal to their business. Organizations may also offer gift card giveaways as part of a fundraising effort.

The process of entering a gift card giveaway is usually easy and straightforward. Typically, participants must provide basic information such as their name, address, and email address. Depending on the giveaway, there may be other requirements such as answering a survey or providing proof of purchase. After all of the information has been provided, participants will typically be entered into a drawing and the winner will be notified via email or phone.

Product Giveaway

Glittering prizes can make a product launch even more exciting. A product giveaway is an effective way to bring attention to a new product, increase brand visibility, and build an engaged customer base.

Creating a product giveaway can be simple with a few tips. First, be clear about the product you are offering and how to participate. If the product is a physical item, you may need to include shipping information. Make sure all the legal information is included, such as the terms and conditions, and any age restrictions.

Choose a prize that will be seen as valuable by your target audience. You can also offer multiple prizes, such as a grand prize and runner-up prizes. You can also consider offering smaller giveaways with the same product, such as a few items instead of one big item. Make sure it’s something that entices people to participate and share the giveaway with their friends and family. By increasing the visibility of the giveaway, you can reach more people and create greater brand awareness.

Services Giveaway

Concluding our discussion, let us turn our attention to services giveaways. This type of giveaway is a great way to increase brand loyalty and reward your most loyal customers. Services giveaways can range from a free month of a subscription service to discounts on product bundles. The type of services giveaway you choose will depend on the type of product or service you offer.

An example of a services giveaway could be a free month of subscription-based streaming. Not only does this give customers the opportunity to try out the service, but it can also entice them to become longer-term customers. Customers appreciate the ability to try out services without having to make a financial commitment.

You can also offer discounts on bundled services. For example, if you offer a subscription-based streaming service, you could offer a discounted bundle of two months of streaming plus a discounted product. This type of bundle helps customers save money on multiple services and encourages them to build loyalty with your brand.

Services giveaways are a great way to reward loyal customers and incentivize them to keep doing business with you. They give customers the opportunity to try out services without having to make a financial commitment and can also be used to entice customers to become longer-term customers. Whether you offer a free month of subscription or discounts on bundled services, services giveaways are an excellent way to build brand loyalty.

Referral Contests

The atmosphere of competition is palpable with a Refer a Friend Contest. Participants can join the Referral Program to compete for Referral Awards. These awards come in many shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to have a chance at success.

Refer a Friend Contest

Walking away from the giveaway aisle, you come across a whole new world of opportunities. You see a sign reading “Refer a Friend Contest”. Curious, you take a step closer and read further.

The Refer a Friend Contest is an engaging way to get your friends involved with the company. It’s a great way to reward your loyal customers. All they need to do is refer a friend to the company, and they will receive a special reward once the friend makes a purchase.

The Refer a Friend Contest is easy to set up and encourages people to get their friends involved. Customers can refer as many friends as they want, and each referral can earn them a reward. This is a great way to promote your brand, as customers are more likely to trust referrals from their friends. Additionally, it’s a great way to reward your loyal customers and show them that you appreciate their continued loyalty.

The Refer a Friend Contest is a great way to engage current customers and encourage new ones to join. It’s an easy way to reward customers and show them that you appreciate their support.

Referral Program

Throwing another exciting layer into the mix, referral programs are a great way to incentivize customers to help spread the word. With a referral program, customers are given an incentive or reward for referring their friends, family, or colleagues to your business. Everyone wins in this situation as the customers get rewarded for referring others, while you get new customers and your business grows.

A referral program is an effective way to increase your customer base by word-of-mouth marketing. It gives customers an incentive to share your product or service with their network, resulting in more leads for your business. Customers can refer others through a variety of different channels, including email, social media, and text messages.

The key to a successful referral program is to offer rewards that customers will find attractive. This could be anything from a discount code, free product, or other incentive. It’s important to incentivize customers to refer others, as it will help your business grow and reach a wider audience. By offering a reward, customers will be more likely to share your product or service with others.

Referral Awards

Moving on from giveaways, let’s discuss how referral awards can be used to reward customers for spreading the word about your business. By setting up a referral program, you can create incentives for customers to refer your services or products to their friends and family. Rewards for successful referrals can vary, from discounts to free gifts. For instance, you could offer a generous discount on their next purchase when a customer refers a friend.

When it comes to referral awards, think of them as a way to thank customers for their loyalty. You can also use referral awards to encourage customers to become even more engaged with your brand. From referral bonuses, to exclusive rewards, to special gifts, you can create a variety of ways to reward customers for referring your business.

Referral awards are a great way to reward customers for their loyalty and help spread the word about your business. With a well-thought-out referral program, you can create incentives that encourage customers to refer your services or products to their friends and family. Whether it’s a discount, a free gift, or another type of reward, customers will be happy to receive recognition for their loyalty.

Photo Contests

The creative possibilities for photo contests are endless, and these three are some of the most popular. In “Show Us Your Style” Contest, participants show off their individual sense of style. The “Before and After” Contest is an opportunity to show remarkable transformations, while the “Best Hairdo” Contest is a chance to flaunt their most creative hairstyles.

“Show Us Your Style” Contest

Continuing from the discussion of referral contests, let’s now focus on the topic of photo contests. One of the most popular types of photo contests is the “Show Us Your Style” contest. Participants are invited to take a photo of themselves wearing their best fashion outfit and post it in the contest page. This type of contest encourages creativity and personal expression.

The “Show Us Your Style” contest allows participants to showcase their unique style and fashion sense. It encourages participants to be creative and take risks in their fashion choices. It is also a great way to reward a loyal customer base as the winner of the contest is usually rewarded with a gift card or a free product.

The “Show Us Your Style” contest is also a great way to promote customer engagement. Participants can share their photo with their friends and family, encouraging them to participate in the contest as well. It also gives participants the opportunity to share their unique style with the world, inspiring others to become more fashion-forward.

“Before and After” Contest

The next type of contest to consider is the “Before and After” Contest, which is a great way to show off your transformation. Customers can submit a before and after photo of their transformation with the product, showcasing how a product, service, or lifestyle change has impacted their lives. This type of contest encourages customers to share a personal story while connecting to the brand on a deeper level.

The “Before and After” Contest can be used to highlight a product or service, but it is best used to highlight a lifestyle change or transformation that a customer has experienced. Customers can share how the product, service, or lifestyle change has impacted their lives in a positive way. It is important to remember to keep the contest focused on the customer’s transformation, not the product or service.

The key to this type of contest is to make sure that the customer is the star of the show. Encourage customers to write a brief story that describes what they were like before and how they have changed since using the product or service. By making the customer the focus, this type of contest encourages customers to connect to the brand on a deeper level.

“Best Hairdo” Contest

Following the referral contests, a popular type of contest to engage followers is the photo contest. One unique photo contest is the “Best Hairdo” contest, which encourages followers to show off their most creative hairstyles. This type of contest is fun, entertaining and can bring out the best of a person’s creativity.

The contest could be open to all genders and hair types, or it could be focused on one particular hairstyle. Depending on the goal of the contest, the rules can be adjusted accordingly. For example, if the goal is to promote a certain hair product, the rules could require participants to use that product for the hairdo. The contest could also have specific categories such as braids, buns, twists, and more.

The “Best Hairdo” contest can be used to engage followers in a fun, creative way. It is visually appealing and encourages followers to find unique ways to style their hair. The possibilities are endless, and the results can be inspiring and beautiful.

Caption Contests

If you’re a fan of creative writing, join us in our caption contests! We have the “Wittiest Caption” Contest, where you can show off your sharp wit and intelligence; the “Funniest Captions” Contest, for those who can make us laugh the hardest; and the “Most Creative Caption” Contest, where you can show off your out-of-the-box thinking. Come join us for some fun!

“Wittiest Caption” Contest

Picture a room filled with laughter, as contestants compete to come up with the wittiest caption. This is the scene of a “Wittiest Caption” contest. Contestants are given a picture and challenged to provide the most humorous caption for the picture. The room buzzes with excitement as participants brainstorm captions that will make the judges and other contestants laugh.

The witty captions come in all forms, from puns to wordplay. Some captions are cleverly crafted while others are delivered spontaneously. The captions that get the most laughs are not necessarily the most clever, but rather the most unexpected. While some captions are amusingly humorous, others are so nonsensical that the audience can’t help but chuckle.

The winner of the “Wittiest Caption” contest is usually decided by a unanimous vote from the audience. The winning caption is then immortalized on the wall of fame, along with the picture that inspired it and the contestant who wrote it. The victor of the contest is awarded with a prize, and the audience leaves with a feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from spending a fun evening together.

“Funniest Captions” Contest

Moving on from photo contests, caption contests offer an even more creative way to engage your audience. A “Funniest Captions” contest is one of the most popular forms of caption contests, as it encourages participants to think outside the box. These contests present an image and ask participants to come up with the funniest captions to go along with it. A panel of judges is typically chosen to select the best caption, and the winner can be rewarded with a prize or gift.

The best way to make sure your “Funniest Captions” contest stands out is to set clear rules and guidelines. You can provide a list of keywords that participants should consider when writing their captions, or specify a minimum word limit. You can also encourage participants to use humor that is appropriate for all audiences.

Finally, it is important to choose the right prize for your “Funniest Captions” contest. A prize that resonates with your target audience can help to increase the engagement and appeal of your campaign. For example, you can offer a gift card to a local restaurant or movie theater, or a special edition of one of your products. Whatever you decide, make sure your prize is something that your audience will find valuable.

“Most Creative Caption” Contest

Making a witty or funny caption for a photo can be quite difficult. But why not take it one step further and create a unique and creative caption? Contestants can put their creative minds to the test by entering a “Most Creative Caption” contest.

In this type of contest, contestants are asked to come up with a caption that is original and creative. This captions should be able to accurately describe the photo, while also adding an interesting element that captures the audience’s attention. The captions should be able to clearly express the photographer’s point of view and tell a story. The winning caption should be able to evoke emotion, while also being short and clever.

The “Most Creative Caption” contest is a great way to challenge the contestants to come up with captions that are unique and engaging. Contestants can show off their creativity and demonstrate their understanding of the photo by coming up with captions that are both interesting and accurate. The best captions will be those that leave the audience with an impression and a desire to learn more about the photo.

Trivia Contests

Celebrate the beauty of hair with a hair care trivia contest! Test your knowledge on the latest hair products and styling trends and compete with your friends for the top spot. Impress everyone with your expert know-how on all things hair and beauty with a hair styling trivia contest.

Hair Care Trivia Contest

Ready to test your knowledge of hair care? A hair care trivia contest is the perfect way to learn more about hair care products and techniques, while having a little fun. From shampoos and conditioners to styling tools and products, a hair care trivia contest is sure to challenge your knowledge and help you become a hair care pro.

Questions can range from simple to more complex, so be sure to bring your hair care A-game to the contest. From the components of a shampoo to the types of hair brushes available, you’ll be sure to come away from the contest knowing a little more about hair care.

The winner of the hair care trivia contest will not only walk away more confident in their hair care knowledge, but they’ll also get to take home a prize that celebrates their hair care know-how. So, if you’re feeling brave, why not take part in a hair care trivia contest and see how your hair care skills stack up?

Beauty Product Trivia Contest

Transitioning from caption to trivia contests, beauty product trivia contests are a great way to engage customers and reward them for their loyalty. Participants have the chance to learn new product facts and brush up on their beauty knowledge, while having fun in the process.

Beauty product trivia contests can encompass a variety of topics, from ingredient breakdowns to product origins. Participants are presented with questions related to a specific beauty product and must answer correctly to be in the running for the prize. For example, a trivia contest may ask, “What are the main ingredients in our new shampoo?” or “Where did our latest moisturizer first launch?”

The reward for correctly answering questions can come in the form of discounts, free products, or special services. Not only do trivia contests provide customers with valuable information, but they also remind them of the products and services available to them. Ultimately, beauty product trivia contests are a great way to provide customers with information and rewards, while strengthening their loyalty to the brand.

Hair Styling Trivia Contest

From caption contests to trivia contests, the world of styling offers a plethora of options to get creative. Hair styling trivia contests offer a fun and interactive way to explore the world of styling and test one’s knowledge of the industry.

Participants in a hair styling trivia contest may be asked questions ranging from the basics of styling to the history of hair products. It can be a great way to learn more and be exposed to new ideas. By engaging in a hair styling trivia contest, participants can learn about the various techniques, products, and tools used to create different looks. They can also explore the world of styling and get creative by finding ways to incorporate these new ideas into their own styles.

In addition to the knowledge gained from a hair styling trivia contest, the experience can be enjoyable and foster a sense of community. By competing against one another, participants can strengthen their bonds and enjoy a sense of camaraderie. Ultimately, hair styling trivia contests can be a great way to have fun, explore new ideas, and strengthen friendships.

Quiz Contests

Quiz contests are a great way to test knowledge and have fun, and when it comes to hair care, there’s no better way to put your tresses to the test. With the Hair Care Quiz Contest, participants can challenge their skills to identify the best products and practices for their specific hair type. Moving on, the Hair Color Quiz Contest is a great way to explore the many different hues and shades available for hair, while the Hair Styling Quiz Contest is an excellent way to learn the different techniques to style hair.

Hair Care Quiz Contest

Taking the quiz fun to the next level, Hair Care Quiz Contests offer the chance to test one’s knowledge of hair care products, techniques, and tools. Participants engage in friendly competition to find out who has the greatest understanding of hair care and the ability to identify the best products for their hair type. Questions can range from the basic to the complex, such as what kind of shampoo is best for dry hair, to the more advanced such as how to identify the proper hair styling tools for a specific look. Competitors must stay on their toes, as the questions cover a wide range of topics from the latest products to the most effective styling techniques. Winners of these competitions can walk away with prizes such as free products, gift cards, and more. With the ever-evolving hair care industry, Hair Care Quiz Contests are an exciting way to stay on top of the trends and brush up on hair care knowledge.

Hair Color Quiz Contest

The transition from trivia contests to quiz contests is a seamless one, and the hair color quiz is a great example of this.

This type of contest is particularly popular among hair dye enthusiasts, who are eager to stay up to date on the latest trends in hair coloring. In a hair color quiz contest, participants are asked to answer a series of questions about hair color, such as the different techniques and products used to achieve a certain look, the latest celebrity hair colors, and how to best maintain colored hair.

Depending on the complexity of the quiz, the questions can range from simple to challenging. For example, a basic quiz might ask which of the following is the best way to achieve a warm blonde tone, while a more advanced quiz might ask participants to identify a celebrity’s exact hair color and how it was achieved. The questions can also be accompanied by images or videos that provide more visual information.

The aim of these contests is to test participants’ knowledge of hair coloring and to reward those who are familiar with the latest trends. In addition to prizes, participants can also gain valuable feedback on how they can improve their own skills in hair coloring.

Hair Styling Quiz Contest

Engaging in an exciting and rewarding hair styling quiz contest is a perfect way to flex your knowledge about the different types of hairstyles and the trends that have been popular over the years. From the classic bobs of the 1920s to the high ponytails of the 1980s and all the way up to the modern day, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

The rules for a hair styling quiz contest are simple. Participants must come up with a styling that they think best fits the given description. They may then present their styling to the judges, who will assess the look and determine the winner. Judges will take into consideration the overall look, the creativity, and the execution of the plan. The winner will receive a prize, such as a voucher for a salon treatment or a gift certificate for a local hairstylist.

In order to be successful in a hair styling quiz contest, participants must understand the importance of styling and the differences between various types of hairstyles. They must also be aware of the trends and the techniques used to create the perfect look. With the right knowledge and a bit of creativity, anyone can be a winner in a hair styling quiz contest!

Video Contests

The creative minds behind Video Contests have something for everyone. If you’re looking to demonstrate your talents, enter the “Show Us Your Skills” Contest. Are you passionate about hair styling? Put your skills to the test in the “Best Hair Tutorial” Contest. If you’re looking to showcase your beauty journey, join the “Show Us Your Transformation” Contest.

“Show Us Your Skills” Contest

The next type of contest we have in store for you is a “Show Us Your Skills” Contest. This competition is designed to test your creative abilities, as well as your proficiency in certain skills. From singing, to dancing, to drawing, to playing instruments, to even baking – the possibilities for your entry are endless!

This contest requires you to submit a video of yourself performing a certain skill or task. Whether you’re an experienced pro or a beginner, the most important thing is that you show us what you’ve got. Whether it’s a solo performance or a group performance, the video can be as creative and entertaining as you can make it.

The winners will be judged based on their creativity, originality, and overall performance. So don’t be afraid to show us your skills, and show the world what you can do!

“Best Hair Tutorial” Contest

The transition from quizzes to video contests reflects the move from the cerebral to the creative. For those who wish to show off their hairdressing skills, the “Best Hair Tutorial” contest is the perfect opportunity. To participate, entrants must submit a video showcasing their expertise in styling hair. Judges will rate entries on overall impression, creativity, and technical skill.

The focus of the video should be to show off the entrant’s ability to create a stunning look. The video should demonstrate the entrant’s skill in a clear and concise manner. Entrants should ensure the video is well lit and framed in a way that shows off the hairdressing techniques they are using. The video should also contain audio that is clear and audible.

The judges will be looking for a well-crafted video that demonstrates technical expertise. Entrants should emphasize their unique talents and showcase their hairdressing skills. Each participant should strive to create a video that stands out from the rest. With the right creativity and technical skill, entrants have the potential to craft a masterpiece that stands out from the rest.

“Show Us Your Transformation” Contest

After testing your knowledge with quiz contests, it’s time to show off your skills with a “Show Us Your Transformation” Contest! Participate to win big prizes and earn congratulations from friends and family.

This contest is designed to showcase your personal transformation through your efforts. Whether it’s a physical transformation, a mental transformation, or a spiritual transformation, all are welcome! Show us the remarkable change you have achieved in any aspect of your life. Let us know how you have grown and how you plan to continue your journey.

The process for entering the contest is simple. Submit your transformation story along with a before-and-after picture or video. You can share your story on any social media platform and tag the contest page to be entered. All participants must be 18 years or older in order to enter. Show off your transformation and share your story with the world!

Poll Contests

From fun and funky hairstyles to the hottest hair trends and most popular hair colors, poll contests are a great way to find out what people are loving. By creating a “Favorite Hairstyle” poll contest, you can gain insights on the top styles that people are wearing. For a “Hottest Hair Trends” poll contest, you can see which looks are dominating the market. And with a “Most Popular Hair Color” poll contest, you can get an idea of what hair colors people are choosing.

“Favorite Hairstyle” Poll Contest

Taking the conversation in a different direction, poll contests are a great way to engage your audience. One of the most popular poll contests is the “Favorite Hairstyle” poll contest. The objective of this contest is to have your audience vote for their favorite hairstyle. With this type of contest, you can gauge the popularity of various hairstyles amongst your audience.

To create an effective “Favorite Hairstyle” poll contest, you need to offer a variety of hairstyles for your audience to choose from. This could be anything from a classic bob to a modern pixie cut. Make sure to have a good mix of styles, from classic to trendy. Be sure to also include images of the various hairstyles to make it easier for your audience to visualize and choose.

Incentivize your audience to participate in the “Favorite Hairstyle” poll contest by offering a prize for the most popular hairstyle. This could be anything from a free haircut at a local salon to a gift card. This will help to encourage more people to participate and also showcase the hairstyles that your audience is most interested in.

“Hottest Hair Trends” Poll Contest

Moving from video contests to poll contests, the “Hottest Hair Trends” Poll Contest is a great way to engage the audience. Everyone loves to stay up to date with the latest trends, and this is a great way to get audience input. Participants can vote on which hair trends they think are the hottest, giving them an opportunity to share their opinions and be part of the conversation.

The “Hottest Hair Trends” Poll Contest is an excellent way to get people to share their thoughts and opinions on the latest trends. It can also help to promote the latest trends and get people interested in trying out different looks. The poll can be shared on social media or emailed to friends and family to increase engagement. Participants can also be encouraged to post pictures of their favorite looks to create even more buzz.

This poll contest is a great way to get people involved and show that their opinions matter. By offering incentives for voting, such as discounts or freebies, participants will be encouraged to participate and share the poll. This is an excellent way to generate interest in the latest trends and get people talking about them.

“Most Popular Hair Color” Poll Contest

From video contests to poll contests, the possibilities for engaging the audience are endless. One of the most popular poll contests to host is the “Most Popular Hair Color” poll contest. This type of contest allows the audience to pick their favorite hair color and have their opinion heard.

The “Most Popular Hair Color” poll contest can be adapted to any type of audience. Whether it be a beauty salon, hair color brand, or someone just wanting to know what people think about different hair colors, this poll can be used to get a variety of opinions. To create the poll, simply ask the audience to pick their favorite hair color from a list of options. Then, count up the votes to determine the winner.

The results of the “Most Popular Hair Color” poll contest can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to determine the most popular hair color for a certain demographic, identify trends in hair color preferences, or simply to get people talking and engaging with the poll. No matter how it is used, the “Most Popular Hair Color” poll contest is sure to be a hit!


Salon Facebook contests can be a great way to engage with your customers, build brand loyalty and increase your following. With a variety of contest ideas, from giveaways to photo contests, trivia to video contests, you can find a contest idea that’s perfect for your brand. You could even combine them for a truly unique and engaging contest. They’re easy to set up and can be a fun way to increase your brand’s reach. Give it a try and see what kind of results you can get!

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