100 Facebook Album Name Ideas For Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is the perfect time to host a backyard BBQ and invite friends and family over. It’s a day to remember fallen heroes and those who served our country. To capture all the special moments from your Memorial Day celebrations, creating a Facebook photo album is a great idea.

Coming up with the perfect album name can be tricky. You want it to represent the occasion, guest list, activities, food and more. To help you brainstorm unique Memorial Day Facebook album titles, here are 100 creative name suggestions along with explanations on the meaning and angle behind each one.

Tips for Picking the Best Memorial Day BBQ Album Name

When deciding on an album name, consider the following tips:

  • Highlight the holiday – Include “Memorial Day” or related words like “remembrance” or “freedom”
  • Mention food and drinks – BBQ, grilling out, hamburgers, hot dogs, beer, margaritas etc.
  • Note special guests – Friends, family, veterans, neighborhood
  • Describe activities and games – Football, cornhole, Frisbee, volleyball, horseshoes

Picking the perfect title will help you and your Facebook friends fondly look back on your 2024 Memorial Day celebrations.

100 Memorial Day Facebook Album Name Ideas

Theme Based Names

These album titles focus on common Memorial Day themes like honoring veterans, celebrating the start of summer, enjoying BBQs and time with friends and family:

1.Remembering Our Heroes Over Hot Dogs and Hamburgers – Pays tribute to fallen troops while highlighting classic cookout foods enjoyed on Memorial Day.

2.Welcome, Summer! Memorial Day 2024 Kickoff Celebration – Marks the unofficial start of summer with a backyard BBQ on this patriotic holiday weekend.

3.Star Spangled BBQ for Friends and Family – References the American flag and brings together loved ones for good food and fun.

4.Red, White and BBQ – Memorial Day 2024 – Nods to the patriotic colors of the holiday and its association with grilling out.

5.BBQ with Neighbors on Memorial Day Weekend – Focuses on the community and friendly gathering of those living close by.

6.Cards, Cornhole and Remembrance – Combines traditional Memorial Day activities like yard games with its intention to honor veterans.

7.Fun, Food and Freedom – Simplifies some of the major aspects of the holiday – enjoyment, tasty eats and American liberty.

8.Reflection and Relaxation on Memorial Day 2024 – Emphasizes both the commemorative and easy-going sides of this holiday.

9.Patriotic Parties and Pools – Our Memorial Day Weekend – Evokes the red, white and blue decor and summertime swimming that comes with this holiday.

10. Saluting Soldiers and Sizzling Steaks – Puts the spotlight on the brave veterans we are celebrating as well as meat hot off the grill.

Location Based Titles

These album names call out specific locations, states or regions related to your Memorial Day celebrations:

11.Southside Park Memorial Day Cookout – Customize by inserting the name of the picnic area or backyard where your BBQ takes place.

12.California Dreaming for Memorial Day Weekend – Sub out your state to make this album title unique.

13.A Memorial Day in the Midwest – Tailor to your part of the country, i.e. “Deep South”, “East Coast”, “Texas”.

14.Rocky Mountain High Grilling – Play off your natural landscapes like mountains, lakes or beaches.

15.Island Vibes Meet Memorial Day BBQ – For those spending the holiday on tropical or coastal locales.

16.Bonfire Bash by the Bay for Memorial Day – Highlight distinctive waterfront or landscape features.

17.New England Clambake on Memorial Day Weekend – Show off regional food favorites like lobster, clams and more.

18.Memphis-Style Rib Cook-Off – Customize to your city and choice cuts like brisket, pulled pork and chicken.

19.Lake Travis Floating and Freedom – Spotlight summer fun on local waterways along with Memorial Day symbolism.

20.Coastal Carolina Memorial Day Celebration – Combine your seaside location with this patriotic holiday.

Food and Drink Focused Names

Memorial Day is synonymous with firing up the grill, so these album titles play up tasty BBQ cuisine and beverages:

21.Juicy Lucy Burgers and Ice Cold Brews – Mouthwatering stuffed hamburgers and frosty beer make the ultimate combo.

22.Shish Kabobs, Shrimp Boils and Sweet Tea – Skewered meats, low country shells-on shrimp and a Southern staple.

23.Pulled Pork, Coleslaw and Potluck Sides – No BBQ feast is complete without classic accents like slaw and baked beans.

24.Shake and Bake Chicken with Watermelon Fizz – Riffs on oven-fried or breaded chicken and a refreshing fruit drink.

25.Lobster Rolls, Leinenkugel’s and Lemon Bars – Premium entrees plus beer and sweet treat pairings.

26.Ribs, ‘Ritas and Rainbow Jello Shots – Libations join succulent smoked meat and a fun colorful dessert.

27.Corn, Kebabs and Cobbler on the Grill – From sides to mains to dessert, everything is barbecue-themed.

28.Grilled Strip Steaks with Whiskey Glaze – Upscale cuts like filet mignon or T-bone with adult spirit-based sauces.

29.Pimento Cheeseburgers with Bacon and Bourbon – Gourmet stuffed patties take center stage with upscale extras.

30.Chili Lime Wings, Margaritas and Guacamole – Tex Mex flavors dominate from snacks to entrees and sippers.

Friends and Family Focused Titles

Memorial Day is for coming together with loved ones, as shown in these album names:

31.Johnston Family Memorial Day Reunion – Include your own family name to make it meaningful.

32.The Smiths and The Jones Come Together on Memorial Day – Personalize by adding the names of families/friends joining.

33.Emily and Jacob’s First Married Memorial Day BBQ – Call out newlywed or engaged couples.

34.Class of 2024 Memorial Day Cookout – Shine the spotlight on recent high school or college graduates.

35.In Memory of Grandpa Jim – Pay tribute to a deceased relative or veteran.

36.Celebrating Alan’s 60th Birthday on Memorial Day – Mix festivities for those born on or around the holiday.

37.Dogs, Kids and Memorial Day Weekend Fun – Highlights the favorite furry and pint-sized guests.

38.Three Generations of the Martinez Family – Adapt to feature overlapping age groups like grandparents, parents and kids.

39.Siblings Home for Memorial Day Fun – Spotlights bonds between brothers and sisters.

40.Cousins Reunion BBQ Bash – Exchange for nieces & nephews, aunts & uncles etc.

Activity and Game Themed Names

Pep up your album title by noting the backyard games, sports and other activities enjoyed:

41.Cornhole Tournament & Cookout on Memorial Day – Tossing beanbags at slanted box targets is a staple.

42.Horseshoe Hosses’ Memorial Day Showdown – This classic game pits mitt-wearing players pitching at metal stakes.

43.Volleyball, Veterans and Summertime Vibes – Spiking and bumping the ball across nets screams warm weather.

44.Wiffle Ball With the Walker Boys on Memorial Day Weekend – This easy fake-baseball setup is lots of casual fun, often booze-fueled.

45.Jumping for Joy on the Bouncy House – Inflatable bounce houses keep kids entertained for hours.

46.Patriotic Sprinkle Sprinklers and Slip n’ Slides – Cool down hot Memorial Day revelers with hoses, tubes and wet white tees.

47.Football Face-Off: Johnson Family vs. Williams Family – Spar backyard rivalry between friends or relatives.

48.Scavenger Hunt, Summer Treats and S’mores – Incorporate holiday activities for all ages – young and old.

Activity and Game Themed Names (Cont.)

49.Cornhole Champs and Crockpot Que – Blend casual bean bag throwing with slow-cooked meats.

50.Our Memorial Day Egg Hunt and Egg Salad Sandwiches – Get creative with egg-citing food and games that families love.

51.Spikeball, Subs and Sox vs. Yanks Showdown – Mash up sporty backyard games, signature snacks and baseball rivalry.

52.Jenga Giants Topple and Toppings Pizza Board – Oversize and over-the-top versions of everything, plus DIY baked pies.

53.Patriotic Pinatas and a Pom Pom Pool Party – Fun with candy-stuffed party favors joins floats and frolicking.

54.Water Balloon Battles Between the Brady and Jones Brigade – Colorful filled orbs bring giggles along with friendly family competition.

55.Sack Races, Relays and Runny Yolk Eggs – Quick lets and coordination games meets breakfast-for-dinner fare.

Patriotic and Americana Names

These album titles wrap in nationalistic pride and traditional red, white and blue decor:

56.Star-Spangled Bunting and Baked Beans – Festive patriotic decor meets classic American potluck sides.

57.Red, White and Blueberry Brunch – Pay homage to the flag’s hue and all-American berry in morning meals.

58.Flags Flying for the USA – Simple salute to the ubiquitous Memorial Day banners everywhere.

59.Marching Band Cookout Celebration – Spotlight talented musicians bringing concerts and patriotic tunes.

60.Uncle Sam’s All-American BBQ Bash – Give Lady Liberty or other symbols of freedom some love!

Nostalgic and Sentimental Names

These emotional album titles aim straight for the heartstrings with fond memories:

61.‘Member Berries and Bittersweetness – Play into nostalgic yearning for “the good ole days” with a tinge of sadness over lost time.

62.Laughter Lines Link Generations – Celebrate familial bonds and joyful wrinkles from smiles over the years.

63.Rearview Mirror Reflections – Capture looking back at fleeting youth and the inevitable passage of time.

64.Polaroids and Faded Friendship Bracelets – Vintage film photos and handmade jewelry represent nostalgia.

65.Janie’s Last Memorial Day Home – Mark bittersweet milestones like a sibling shipping off to college.

66.The Best Days of Our Lives – Simple ode to the indelible memories made on this holiday.

67.Looking Back with Love – Convey warm feelings towards the past journey.

68.Little Moments, Big Magic – Cherish special yet ordinary instances that collectively dazzle.

69.Precious Firsts and Tentative Tomorrows – Juxtapose new beginnings with uncertainty over what’s ahead.

70.Laughter Lines Link Generations – Celebrate familial bonds and joyful wrinkles from smiles over the years.

Humorous and Punny Names

Lighthearted album titles to make your friends and family chuckle:

71.Marium and Joseph’s Eggstravaganza – Insert couple’s names who hosted along with egg pun.

72.For Whom the Grill Sizzles – Summon imagery of drums and bugles heralding mealtime.

73.The Meating Place – Cheesy wordplay=”(.+?) welcomings hungry guests.

74.Lord of the Wings – Pulls epic film references into the cookout mix.

75.The Pool Awakens – Cue up sci-fi soundtrack over swimmers diving in.

76.Darth Ribs and Leia Chicken – Extend Star Wars motif into epic eats from a galaxy far, far away…

77.This Is How We Roll on Memorial Day – Corny nod to grilling up stuffed eggroll appetizers.

78.Purrfect Fur Friends BBQ – Shoutout cute kitties and pups who attend.

79.Makin’ a Splash and Burgers Too – Dual meaning over both pool play and serving up patties.

80.Peas Out, Summer! – Fond veggie farewell as we greet the sunny season.

Song Lyric and Pop Culture Names

These references to tunes and TV/movies make catchy album titles:

81.Sweet Home Alabama BBQ – Lynyrd Skynyrd would approve us breaking out the banjos and barbecue.

82.Margaritaville Meet and Greet – Jimmy Buffett classic with a twist.

83.Star-Spangled Banner Bash – Quote lyrics from the national anthem.

84.Party in the USA Potluck – Miley would love our red, white and blue spread.

85.Red Solo Cup Salute – Toby Keith gives our beverageware and brews a hat tilt.

86.Can’t Stop This Feeling – Justin Timberlake tune is feel-good fuel.

87.I’ll Be There For Ribs and Chicken – The Jackson 5 classic promises guests won’t go hungry.

88.Family, Freedom and Summertime Anthems – Mash up Bruce Springsteen vibes.

89.Game of Scones – Wad in this fantasy book/show for our brunch baked goods.

90.The Cookout Heard ‘Round the World – Riff on the famed American Revolution “shot”…our party is epoch-making history!

Alliterative Names

These titles roll off the tongue with repeating first letters:

91.Beers, Brats and Bean Bags – Indulge in brewskies, sausages and casual backyard games.

92.Sunny Sing-alongs and Sizzling Shrimp – Fire up festive songs as shellfish hits the barbie.

93.Sensational Salads and Super Soakers – Chill out on the healthy greens and cool water blasters.

94.Fantastic Flags and Frosty Floats – Patriotic colors flying high join icy summer drinks.

95.Bountiful Brunch and Backyard Bash – Recovery morning meal commences an all-day rager.

96.Crockpot Classics and Cannonballs – Hearty stews and soups match boisterous pool plunges.

97.Bikinis, Banners and Bubbly Beverages – Summertime staples unite with effervescent refreshers.

98.Luscious Lemon Bars and Laguna Beach Lounging – Sunny desserts set the scene for seaside relaxation.

99.Beach Blankets and Big Luaus – Island flair comes to the holiday via tropical quilts and feasts.

100.Pies, Pets and Patriotic Pride – Sweet treats, cute companions and nationalistic colors round out the party.


There you have it – 100 creative Memorial Day Facebook album names covering every angle of this fun holiday weekend with friends, family food and summertime favorites. From honoring veterans to celebrating the start of beach season and everything in between, this master list offers unique title ideas to perfectly encapsulate your BBQ snapshots and special moments.

Now it’s your turn to snap pics of flags flying, bubbles bursting, games going and grills firing up. Then simply select the suggested album name that best fits your 2024 Memorial Day bash. Get ready for the “likes” and lovely comments to come pouring in from your FB friends and followers.

Happy Memorial Day and have fun filling up that custom-christened photo album!

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