100 Facebook Album Name Ideas for Snow Day Fun

A snow day is always exciting, whether you’re a kid with no school or an adult with a surprise day off work. When a heavy snowstorm hits, it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the winter wonderland in your backyard. From snowball fights and sledding to building snowmen and making snow angels, a snow day is filled with endless fun in the snow.

Once you’ve spent the day frolicking in the fluffy white stuff, it’s time to head inside to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa. Then you can share all your snow day memories and photos with friends and family on Facebook.

But before you upload those adorable shots of your kids bundled up in puffy snowsuits or impressive videos of your sledding skills, you need a fun, creative name for your snow day photo album.

Why a Good Album Name Matters

Putting some thought into your Facebook album names makes a difference. Generic names like “Snow Day Fun” or “Winter Snow Storm +[year]” don’t capture the imagination. Including key details about the time and location helps, but the name still falls flat.

With over 300 million photos uploaded per day to Facebook, your album needs to stand out on the newsfeeds and profiles of your friends and family. A fun, unique album name piques people’s curiosity and entices them to click through to see your photos.

So whether you want to make your friends and family smile or get more eyes on your epic snow day pics, take a few minutes to come up with a creative Facebook album title.

Tips for Brainstorming Album Name Ideas

Stuck trying to think of good snow day album names for Facebook? Use these tips to get your creative juices flowing:

Incorporate Location

Where did all the snow day fun take place? Mention the city or part of town in the album name to help set the scene. Get hyperlocal by including neighborhood names too.


  • Snowverload in Logan Square
  • Wicker Park Winter Wonderland

Play with Words

Brainstorm snow-related words and phrases like “snow”, “sled”, “flake”, “drift”, “mound”, “fort”, etc. See if you can come up with clever puns, rhymes, alliterations or other word play combinations.


  • Sleighin’ All Day
  • Snow More Work, All Play

Tell a Story

Use the album name to describe what your snow day was like. Share little anecdotes and make it personal. This helps others get a peek into what your winter fun looked like.


  • Epic Icy Fortress Construction
  • The Snowball Fight of the Century

Get Specific on Date/Time

Without being too dry, include some factual details about when the snow day took place. Mentioning the actual snow total or using a time reference makes it more memorable.


  • Snowmageddon 2024: 16 Inches of Snow Fun
  • Presidents Day Weekend Winter Storm

Use Pop Culture References

Bring your album name to life by comparing your snow day antics to movies, TV shows, songs, books or viral trends that relate to cold weather or winter.


  • Ice Age Adventures
  • A Snow Day Very Similar to a Christmas Story

100 Snow Day Facebook Album Name Ideas

Here are 100 fun, interesting ideas for Facebook album names inspired by snow days full of winter activities like sledding, snowball fights and building snowmen. Browse through for inspiration or choose a few top contenders to test out on your next snow day photo album.

Snow Day Classics

These classic snow day album names are simple but effective:

  1. Snow Much Fun!
  2. Chillin’ in the Snow
  3. Snow Day Play Day
  4. Snow Day Photo Dump
  5. Snow Day 2024
  6. Winter Storm 2024
  7. Snowed In!
  8. Snow Day FTW (For The Win)
  9. Our Town Snowed In
  10. Snow Day Perfection

Location, Location, Location

Mention your hometown or neighborhood in these snow day Facebook album titles:

  1. Snowverload in Logan Square
  2. Wicker Park Winter Wonderland
  3. Snow Place Like Home
  4. Meanwhile in Chicago…
  5. Snow Day in the ATL (Atlanta)
  6. Texas Snow Day
  7. New York Snowmageddon
  8. DC Snowpocalypse
  9. Seattle Snow 2021
  10. Denver Snow Daze

Snow Superlatives

Have an epic snowball fight or build a snow fort for the ages? Brag about it in your album name:

  1. Snowiest Day Ever
  2. Biggest Snowball Fight in Brookline History
  3. Best Snowman on the Block
  4. My Greatest Snow Angel
  5. Epic Snow Fort Construction
  6. Tallest Snowman in Bucktown
  7. Largest Snowball in Wrigleyville
  8. Fastest Sledding Hill in Andersonville
  9. Wildest Snow Tubing Adventure
  10. Most Insane Snow Drifts

Snow Stats

Record the official snow total or day off in these fact-based album names:

  1. 16 Inches of Pure Winter Magic
  2. Snowmageddon 2024: Chicago Gets 20 Inches!
  3. Presidents Day Weekend Winter Storm 2024
  4. 14 Inches and Counting! #Snowday
  5. Winter Storm Wallop 2024
  6. On the 8th Day it Snowed…
  7. Snow Day #36: Another 5 Inches!
  8. Tenth Snow Day of 2023-2024 School Year!
  9. Snow Total: 24 Inches and Counting
  10. Today’s Forecast: 100% Chance of Snow Days

Snow Day Activities

Capture all your favorite frosty fun in detailed album names:

  1. Epic Snowball War of 2024
  2. Sledding Adventures at Caldwell Woods
  3. Building the Perfect Snow Family
  4. Snow Fort Construction Mayhem
  5. Cookie Baking and Hot Cocoa Drinking
  6. Snuggling Up with Good Books All Day
  7. Netflix Binging by the Fire
  8. Snowman Building Competition
  9. Extreme Winter Sport Parkour
  10. Snow Angels Galore

Snow Puns

Snow way you can go wrong with these punny album names:

  1. Snow Kidding Around
  2. What the Flurry?
  3. Snow Place Like Home
  4. Brrr It’s Cold in Here!
  5. Snow Big Deal
  6. Snow Problem
  7. I’m So Over Snowver It
  8. Snow Business Like Snow Business
  9. Snowed-In and Cozy
  10. Absolutely Snow Joke!

Snow Day Movies & TV Show Quotes

Name your album after iconic snow day moments from films and television:

  1. “Snow Day? What Do You Want to Do Today?” – Calvin & Hobbes
  2. “I Made a Snowman” – Frozen
  3. “I Triple-Dog-Dare You!” – A Christmas Story
  4. “Snowball Fight!” – Elf
  5. “I Got a Golden Ticket” – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  6. “I’m Singing in the Rain, Just Singing in the Rain” – Singin’ in the Rain
  7. “A Winter’s Day, In a Deep and Dark December” – Harry Potter
  8. “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway” – Frozen
  9. “Because I Had My Tray, I Rode All the Way Down” – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  10. “Snowflakes That Stay on My Nose and Eyelashes” – The Christmas Song

Snow Day Superheroes

Channel your inner superhero in these snow day album titles:

  1. Adventures in Snowmageddon-Land
  2. Building the Fortress of Snowlitude
  3. Snowball Fight of Justice
  4. Shoveling at Super Speed
  5. Snow Day with the Flurry Flash
  6. Sledding with the Icicle Icon
  7. The Snow Avenger Strikes Again!
  8. Snow Angel to the Rescue!
  9. The Blizzard Buster Defeats Old Man Winter
  10. Snow Beast vs. Snow Monster

Snow Day Personification

Bring the winter landscape to life with playful personification:

  1. The Trees Were Dancing in the Wind
  2. Mr. Snowman Stopped By to Say Hello
  3. The Sun Shone Bright on the Sparkling Snow
  4. Frosty Had Fun Painting the Windows
  5. Jack Frost Left Us Some Icy Surprises
  6. The Snowflakes Whispered Winter Secrets to Us
  7. Old Man Winter Threw One Heck of a Party
  8. Mother Nature Made Us Hot Cocoa
  9. The Sled Got Sassy at the Hilltop
  10. The Icicles Were Gossiping About the Fun We Had

Snow Day Alliterations

It’s all about the letter play in these snowy album names:

  1. Snowy Sledding Spree
  2. Winter Wonderland Weekend
  3. Chilly Chicago Day
  4. Freezing Fun Times
  5. Fluffy Flurries Frolic
  6. Glitzy Snow Sparkles
  7. Icy Illinois Adventure
  8. Snow Storm Sunday Funday
  9. Whimsical Winterlude
  10. Snow Spectacle Extravaganza

Snow Day Album Names FAQs

Still stuck thinking of that perfect snow day photo album name for Facebook? Check out answers to frequently asked questions for inspiration:

How do you come up with creative Facebook album names?

Brainstorm key details about your snow day like location, activities, snow totals, then play with puns, alliterations, rhymes, movie/TV quotes, etc. Tell a fun story or get personal to make your album title unique.

What are some good winter Facebook album name ideas?

Great winter album names for Facebook include puns like “Snow Big Deal”, location details like “Winter Storm 2023: Denver Snowed In”, snow totals like “16 Inches and Counting!”, or seasonal references like “Snow Place Like Home for the Holidays.”

What should you not name a Facebook album?

Avoid generic names like “Snow Day Pics” or overused phrases like “Winter Wonderland”. Steer clear of using only dates or nondescript terms like “Snow Day #3” or “Snowed In 2024”.

How long should a Facebook album title be?

Ideally, keep Facebook album names under 50 characters so the full name is visible. But a longer, more descriptive name is better than a boring short title.

Can a Facebook album name be changed later?

Yes! You can change a Facebook album name at any time. Just click the 3 dots at the upper right corner of your album then select “Edit Album Title.” Get creative with different name options until you find one that pops.

So unleash your creativity on that next snow day photo album! Brainstorm album names with friends or family too. Those epic icy fortress and snowball fight pics deserve an awesome title to share with the world.

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