How To Post A Craigslist Ad On Facebook (Step-by-Step Guide)

Facebook and Craigslist represent free advertising opportunities for most services or products.

The biggest challenge is in deciding on the product or service to sell.

You have to consider brainstorming ideas and research Craigslist on those ideas.

Starting to sell your service or product, you are ready to create your business.

How to Post on Facebook the Craigslist Ad

The Facebook Marketplace has the power and backing of the social networking giant.

Selling and buying items here carries the same risk as other peer-to-peer platforms.

Overall, the Facebook Marketplace performs much better than before.

Craigslist is posting its ad on Facebook.

How to post on Facebook the Craigslist ad

Here are the steps to post a craigslist ad on Facebook

  • Log in to Facebook and mention a post about your new venture and briefly explain the services or products you wish to sell on the profile page. Include the Craigslist ad link. Remember, you must not use the profile on your Facebook for commercial reasons.
  • Install the app of the Facebook marketplace, and a page will appear. Read the page carefully and click on ‘Allow’
  • Click at the Marketplace page top button saying ‘Post Listing to Marketplace.’ You will notice a window opening. You may add a photo and complete the appropriate fields. Select “Post to Marketplace” to allow anyone to see your ad if they have installed the Marketplace app. Thus, your friends and friends of friends receive a notification that you are selling. Click the “Post” button.

A simple way of posting the Craigslist ad on Facebook is to copy-paste the URL of the Craigslist ad on the FB post section.

You may include descriptions and pictures on the FB post and keep the instruction to click the link to look for your services or products.

The Facebook Marketplace is so simple that you can direct a message to a seller or tap their public profile to know if the business is legitimate.

Selling on Facebook is really simple. You just have to add a description, post a picture, and click on the ‘sell’ button.

Reasons to Use Facebook than The Craigslist Marketplace

For a long time, Craigslist permitted to post free of charge classified ads, But now Facebook Marketplace is much better.

It is easier and faster, besides being safer. There are various reasons to favor Facebook to place ads or sell:

Reasons to use Facebook than Craigslist marketplace

Reason 1: Easier to Create Listings on The Phone

It is easier with the Facebook app to create an ad. However, Craigslist does not have an official mobile app, but creating an ad with a mobile browser is possible. However, the Facebook process is simple:

Easier to create listings on phone
  • Tap in the field “What are you listing” and choose Items for Sale.
  • Add photos.
  • Fill in the remaining details, such as category, price, and description.
  • Add the listing if you want to any other sale groups if you are a member already.

That’s it! It is done, and you are listed within 60 seconds. If you want to give a detailed description, it may take a few more minutes. On the other hand, the interface of Craigslist is clunkier and slow, particularly for adding photos.

Reason 2: Easy to Browse Listings on The Phone

Adjusting the radius is easy with Facebook Marketplace and facilitates your item searches. In the app of Facebook, tapping the icon of the Marketplace lands you at the local listings to start immediately scrolling the items available.

Easy to browse listings on phone

You may also filter the listings as per the distance or location, price, and category. Find a ‘free’ button to peruse the giveaways.

Craigslist app lacks this convenient browsing feature. It requires navigation for a long time, and to view items; you need to follow with a lot of trapping.

Reason 3: Safer

Facebook Marketplace is directly tied to sellers and buyers of Facebook accounts. It means you get to see the person’s profile, so everything cannot be fake.

You also get to know how long this profile is active on Facebook, check their activity on Marketplace, and so on.

Craigslist offers total anonymity that you may fake anything right from your identity to your address.  The accountability is zero, so it is not regarded as much safer. There is no data to support it or guarantee to produce evidence.

Facebook is much safer to sell and buy items as they work to avoid marketplace scams, assuring subject safety.

Reason 4- Offers Better Odds of Selling Your Item

The Facebook Marketplace success rate is about 70 percent for selling items. You often get to sell the item the same day you post them.

offers better odds to sell your item

On Craigslist, it’s around 25 percent. First, it lacks the ease of browsing items. On Craigslist, people do not browse; they search. It means less opportunity to stumble upon someone and come looking for a particular item.

Facebook had more than 2.2 billion users. A good bet is that more eyeballs watch than the craigslist. It is the reason that Craigslist is now placing its ad on Facebook.

Higher accountability and greater communication simplicity of Facebook make the sale on Marketplace.

Reason 5-You Need Not Give out Your Email Address or Phone Number

Facebook Messenger is the best Marketplace communication through phone calls or text messages. Dealing with strangers may not be comfortable if you are asked to share your email address or phone number. Fortunately, Facebook offers communication without revealing the details.

You need not give out your email address or phone number

You also get instant messaging, or you permit phone calls. You get to communicate easily with the third party through traditional ways, and you neither need nor reveal your private information. This security cover is gratifying for the users and even people doing business.

Final Thought

Posting craigslist ads on Facebook is not time-consuming or a lengthy process. It is simple, and Facebook ensures to give fast communication so that you can see your business transforming and yielding faster results.

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