How To Get Fake Facebook Friends?

Setting up a fake Facebook account means you must give a phone number or email to work as a fireball.

You can check the privacy settings and start adding friends.

There is no need to use a real name on the Facebook page to create fake friends.

Your bio should not have your personal information.

Getting Fake Facebook Friends

To get fake Facebook friends, you must join new friend groups.

Look for new groups and potential new friends.

The Facebook pages of politicians and celebrities are easy to make new friends.

Clicking on their names and joining friends can help if they come into contact once.

Join other new friends.

Potential new friends and groups may think you appear suspicious if you do not meet a few people, to begin with.

The Facebook pages of celebrities and politicians make finding new friends easy.

Click their name and then click Join friend once they have been contacted, but no personal contacts.

How to Get More Friends Fast on Facebook?

A few steps to earn more friends on Facebook are:

  • Develop connections with others
  • Sell products to a large audience without getting blocked or unfriended.
  • Join some group or invite to an event your contacts
  • Start a fan page of your own
  • Acquire knowledge and become familiar with common things
  • Request a friend to fill out a friends request form
get more Friends fast On Facebook

Creating fake Facebook friends in the US has no specific governing laws to hold people liable for creating fake accounts posing as real people. The network acts only as an intermediary and does not direct users.

However, using a fake account on the social media platform to harm, threaten or hurt an individual or a family is impeachment. Anything causing terror, or harassment, even online, is an indictment.

On Facebook, it is not possible to create an account using a fake name. Bear in mind your real name. While creating an account, you can legally change your name if it changes after marriage.

It is illegal to use intentionally any Facebook activity of another person’s information.

Why You Need to Get Fake Facebook Friends

Nothing is private online and having a public Facebook account is not less risky. Everything you add, a friend request to the Facebook page, and any acceptance of an event invitation get monitored.

The only way is to stay away from the Facebook account for good. Deactivate or delete the account and switch to Messenger to stay in touch with your friends.

If you cannot withhold from using Facebook, create a fake new Facebook account and make more friends.

How to Make a Fake Account on Facebook to Get More Friends

  • Create a Burner Phone Number or Email
  • Create a Facebook Account
  • Start adding friends

Note: Check the privacy settings. On this new Facebook account, do not use your real name. Avoid giving personal details or bio, stay anonymous, and do not interact publicly with other users.

make fake account on Facebook to get more friends

Staying anonymous protects your privacy on Facebook. You may use fake information and name as you register your account.

It will keep you free of worries, and your data does not fall into the wrong hands. Another reason is to stay away from unwanted attention.

Creating an anonymous or fake Facebook account means the strategy is to keep it simple.

Create a Burner Phone Number or Email

It requires you to give your phone number or email address to create a new account on Facebook. If you give your email address used for other websites, your data will be linked.

Create a Burner Phone Number or Email

Thus, use a temporary burner phone number or email as the right action.

Use the Burner app or Google Voice services to create a burner Phone number. If not, make an email account without giving your details.

Create a Facebook Account

Having a burner email address or phone number means using it and signing for a Facebook account. Create a new Facebook account at

Give a fake first and last name, phone number, or email address, including the wrong gender and fake birthday.

Create a Facebook Account

Ensure you do not accidentally use your real details; only then your identity will be hidden. Select sign up and confirm; you will get a text message or email confirmation from Facebook.

Facebook will ask permission to use your contacts. You may deny access so that your profile does not come in public.

Start Adding Friends

After confirming your Facebook account, you may add an avatar or a profile pic and begin adding friends. Ascertain to add people you know personally and who are reliable.  

Avoid other users guessing your identity by looking into your friend’s list by setting your Facebook setting to private. 

Start Adding Friends
  • You can set it to private by going to Settings & privacy > Settings > Privacy > How people can find and contact you.
  • Under who can see friend’s list- click on friends or only me. This will restrict other users of Facebook from accessing your list of friends.

On starting to use the Facebook private account, you should always be mindful of your activities on this popular social media platform so that your presence remains anonymous.

You can carefully avoid adding to the profile picture your face or photo. However, here are a few tips to ensure you do not make other mistakes and dampen your anonymity.

  • To stay anonymous, create an account and do a privacy checkup to adjust the privacy settings on Facebook. It will keep you hidden by other users. In this section of privacy settings, you can see your Facebook posts and review your friend list. It will keep your activity going on and will stay private on Facebook.
  • Facebook’s first step calls you to fill in your first and last name. You should work on it to create an account, edit the id handle by giving a different username and keep it with your nickname or add random characters. Whatever you do, it should not get linked to actual identity.

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